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March 31, 2009 – Solve Your Printer Problems

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How many times does it happen that we need to print a very important document and we find that our printing device is having some technical difficulty? This is because we don’t have the required knowledge of most of the hardware devices that make up our computer. If you have also encountered a similar situation then is the site for you which answer all your printer-related queries in the best possible way.

The advantage of using this service is that you don’t have to go anywhere or call a technical expert to get your printer repaired. Instead, you can logon to this site which can help you diagnose the flaw that your printer has and bring it back in action by following some very simple steps. The best part is the ease of using this service – you just have to type in your printer model number and the list of all the possible problems with their fixes will be provided to you thereby saving your invaluable time and efforts.


March 21, 2009

Create Beautiful Mosaic With Image Mosaic Generator

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Napolean when said

A picture is worth a thousand words

little did he know that one day his words would have a literal or near literal meaning to it or when the picture mosaic will be born.

We all know what collage is the photo mosaic is similar, its just that instead of torn paper pieces, here we use other pictures. Actually it is a large picture made up of hundreds of smaller pictures, where each individual picture is selected and placed because it roughly matches the color and shape of the tile in the larger picture. When pieced together they all resemble the larger image, the effect is quite cool, especially when you zoom in.


Foodiebay – A Web-Service For Food Lovers

There is no love sincerer than the love of food. 

George Bernard Shaw.

That probably is the reason why we Delhites just love our food and we know It can be tough selecting a restaurant for that important dinner or to choose the right place to order that food in the middle of that important meeting. This is why Foodiebay has come up with a wonderful and innovative way by which Delhi/NCR region has changed its way with food.

Started by few IIT Delhi’s food loving techies-foodiebay is a service designed with one goal in mind which is to make your life easier. It is a site for office/home food delivery, is a restaurant encyclopedia and the best part is, has menus available online. So you just need to select the restaurant, go over the menu at the comfort of your home, choose the delicacies that your pocket can afford and than just go ahead with it clear in your head.

The whole website is extremely user-friendly. You just need to start ordering by selecting a zone, as in north, south or west Delhi, your location! The work is done ,you will have a list of all the food joints, from your own little road-side dhabas to the swankiest restaurant in town, you have all the info at the click of the mouse,including the menu, price for two, contact no. and much more; Not only this,  you can also select the kind of cuisine you are in mood to eat like Indian, Western, Mexican etc..and after that just select the money you want to spend on it and  your work is done. Just lay back and enjoy the power of technology.


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