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April 6, 2009

Font Burner – Free Fonts For Blog Or Website

Font Burner can be really useful and fun to you if you write a website or a blog. Ever wished to spice up the look of your website or blog, the first thing that comes to your mind is change the template or your may think of changing the font but the problem with changing the font is that the users should also have that same font installed in their computer only then their web browser will recognize the font of your site.
But if you use the font you have generated from this website, you simply bypass all those requirements of the user having the same font installed. What you need to do is just copy and paste the code of the new font in your website body and you are done. No need for any installation and the best part about all this is that it all comes free of cost.


Age Directory – Know The Real Age Of Celebrities

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Do you want to know the exact age of your favorite celebrity? If yes,then this is the site that you must browse through. The site has information about almost all the celebrities and you can search for your favorite celebrity by entering the name of the celebrity in the search box and the corresponding list of exact match and the closely related matches will be opened.

On Age Directory homepage you will see a very neat and clean interface with the thumbnail images of your favorite celebrities on the homepage. The images displayed on the homepage are those of the most searched celebrities.


April 4, 2009 – Stop Yourself Visiting The Addicted Websites

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There are many websites that people get addicted to. Some of these are orkut, facebook or probably all the social networking sites. The site to which you are most glued to also depends upon your interests. So if you think you are overindulged in a website and you think its getting too much, now is the time reclaim your life once again, then the service offered by this website can certainly help you a lot.

Now what you need to do is that once you open the site you will see a blue colored box that will require you to enter the url of the website you visit often but want to get rid of that habit. Now enter that url and also the time which indicates the minimum gap between successive visits to that page. This means that if you have set the time to 60 minutes then you will be notified by the browser if you visit the page more than once in 60 minutes.

After entering the website url and time gap, hit submit and you will be given an alias for that website which you need to add as a bookmark in your browser. The thing that I did not like about this service is that from now onwards if you want to be notified you should access that website from the bookmark you have just created else you will not be notified. All these details will be given in a green box.


Classic DOS Games – Play Classic DOS Games Online

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This website takes you back to the days of retro Dos pc gaming when even the dos games were such a big craze among people but now dos games have lost their charm. However there are still some people who feel that Dos games should live and this website is an effort to bring together all the known dos games. You can visit this site and download any dos game that you want to free of cost.

When I first came across this site, all my memories, when I used to play duke nukem, prince, packman, dave and all my favourite games took me in a flash back. I missed those things but now I m glad that it’s not going to be much of an effort to relive my favorite games again. When you open the page you are going to see a huge list of all the dos games sorted on the basis of name of the game, developer, publisher, genre and year.


April 2, 2009

JayCut – Free Online Video Editing

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JayCut is a website that provides the web service where you can edit your videos online and share and export them to your computer or your other web profiles such as facebook and myspace. It’s not only a an video online editing site but you can also upload images and share it with all the other jaycut mates and your friends but for that you need to register with JayCut and that is absolutely free of cost.

When you are starting with JayCut, the first thing you should do is Fill in your details for your jaycut profile. Then you can access the option of upload media under the upload option and then click on mix it to get going with the mixing stuff. I guess you will need to read/watch video tutorial the tutorial about how to mix media. That was it for editing one file but there are chances that you want to edit multiple media files. For that purpose you can upload multiple files together. Remember to tag the files you have uploaded so that it becomes easier for you to locate the files later on.

(more…) – Bring All Web Profiles Under A Single Link.

Filed under: Social Networking — Tags: — abhishek @ 1:56 am is a service that allows you to bring all your web profiles under a single link. There is every probability that you have multiple accounts on internet and keeping an eye on each of them individually can sometimes prove to be very ardous. Moreover if you are looking for a web url that can provide comprehensive information about yourself, then you just need to add the urls to your different accounts and you are done.

For instance you have an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, or any other web service. provides you a single url through which you can access all your accounts. The service can prove to be especially more useful if you are a blogger or a business professional. Getting all your profiles together is very simple and what you need to do is just add the urls to the profiles and click on create.


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