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June 29, 2009 Get Notified When Down Websites Starts Working

NotifyMee is a web portal that notifies people about a website, which they want to visit and was down earlier, has turned up. This prevents people from unnecessarily trying again and again for that website without knowing when it would turn up.

Internet popularity is getting bigger and bigger with time. And so is the internet traffic. Sometimes due to heavy traffic on a particular website turns it down for the users as it is not able to cater to large number of visitors on the website and make itself unavailable for them. People don’t know when that downed website turns up and becomes available to the users. provides one such solution to this problem.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

  1. Enter the URL of the site for which you want to get notified.
  2. Enter your email address on which you want to receive notification.
  3. Click “Enter” and start receiving notifications in your mailbox.


June 28, 2009 – Visualize Your Search And Know The Connections

Want to learn more about the words or sentence that is written? Want to know other possible uses and synonyms of those words? For many more such problem head to WordSift is a web portal that provides detailed information about a word or a sentence. It provides help to students and teachers especially to teachers which can visualize their text structure and share with their students. It a web tool that provides information about a word by displaying the related images from Google, visual thesaurus showing word relationship  and much more information about the word and that too on a single page.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

  1. Enter a word or some text in the box provided and press ‘Sift ‘.
  2. On the result page you get a tag cloud which has important words in the text.
  3. Click on any of the words and it will display Google image search result and visual thesaurus results below it.
  4. Also shows more sentences that can be created using the selected word.

(more…) View your Documents online

Fed up of installing software for viewing your document? Most of the times when you want to work on different system you need to install software to open and read or edit your document which is very irritating. Also different kinds of documents require different kinds of software to be installed in order to read them. Also when you receive some document from your friend but you don’t have required software to open that document.

To avoid all these problems head towards which allow you to read many kind of documents online without the need of installing any software for it thereby reducing the load on the system.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

Viewing of documents is very easy on this site. Just upload the document you want to see and click on view document. The document will be uploaded and opened online which you can also share it online with other people.


June 27, 2009 – Know All About Batteries

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Today Batteries are used in a lot of devices like inverters, cell phones, PDAs and notebooks etc. People are not aware of proper charging methods of rechargeable batteries or using these batteries as improper usage of battery can reduce the battery lifetime and can make it useless in just a few weeks. To get all the knowledge about the batteries head towards which is a complete guide about batteries from their structure to their usage etc. It provides all the knowledge about different kinds of batteries like their types, storage, usage, charging, discharging and recycling to make proper use of them.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

This website provides knowledge in 3 parts.

  1. Part 1 provides basic battery knowledge i.e.

    various facts about battery, when it was invented, its mechanics and various processes like charging, discharging etc.

  2. Part 2 provides information about personalities of different batteries like prolonging the battery life, various applications of batteries, servicing of battery, their behavior and comparisons among different batteries.
  3. Part 3 provides information regarding who is behind and what are the future plans, various products etc.

(more…) – Buy Second Hand Books Online

Biblio is a web site that provides the web service of the world’s largest truly independent marketplace, offering you the ability to buy new & used books from over 5500 independent bookstores around the globe., launched in 2009, hosts several hundred independent book dealers offering quality secondhand and rare books. The site focuses on the UK and European markets.

Biblio, is a small, privately held and self financed company located in Asheville, North Carolina. They are committed to providing superior customer service to their book-buying customers and their partner booksellers, to providing a positive and joyful work environment for their colleagues, and to working towards community literacy and education. Thus Simply put, at Biblio, they put people first.

If you know the author, title or ISBN of the book you are looking for, you can search very simply and quickly on by using the search box which appears at the top of every page. You may also get a little more granularity of control on your search by using the advanced used book search, where you can specify multiple criteria.


June 26, 2009 Share as Multiple Links Embedded In Single Link

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Fed up of sharing many links, one separate for every URL? solves this problem for you.

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It provides user with the ability to condense multiple links into a single link and share it with anyone. It makes the process of URL sharing very easy and efficient. The user can easily condense a number of URL into a single URL which saves time of the user in clicking multiple URLs. The user can click just a single URL and access many URLs at a time. For example, I want to share my personal links like my article links as:


MultiURL will combine these links to one short link like or This enables the user to access all these articles with just a single click.

Steps of Procedure to Use this Site

  1. Enter the links you want to share in the link box provided.
  2. You can also enter the Alias name for each link.
  3. Provide the group of links a Group name and its alias.
  4. Click on Submit to get your required URL.



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