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September 29, 2009 – Get Easy Access To Past Records Of Cases

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It is a website that is basically a provider for a Firefox extension with a whole lot of features. The site is designed under a project of Princeton university that halos in increasing government transparency. It helps in improving your PACER experience. PACER stands for public access to court electronic records. It is used for viewing the past records of the judicial cases by the general public. PACER is difficult to use for the general public and also charges heavy amount for downloading any document. The RECAP extension makes it easy for the public to navigate through the documents and also gives free access to download documents which are in its repository. REACP users automatically donate the documents when the download them form PACER. Below are some other features :

Features :

  1. This extension helps you to easily navigate through PACER documents.
  2. It also helps you in getting a free access to download the documents form its repository.
  3. You have to be PACER user to use this extension.
  4. It also helps you in donating documents to this public library.
  5. It is very user friendly once you understand its working by watching the video posted on the site.
  6. This extension also renames the file in a more appropriate way, making it easy for you to view and open it.
  7. The site helps you save a lot of money and making your PACER experience better.

(more…) – Free Web Publishing Tool for Individuals, Professionals, Educators, and Organizations

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Like a Rorschach test for your knowledge, Knowledge Genie is a number of different things. First, as someone who has something to share, it is software tool that helps you capture, package, and centralize what you know in a way that maximizes its application. Second, it is a vehicle to publish and share knowledge with a specific audience such as your employees or customers. Third, it’s a learning tool that provides structure, content, and guides a learner through specific steps. Lastly as a new technology, it’s too early to tell how you may end up using Knowledge Genie. We look forward to hearing your stories.

Knowledge Genie is a revolutionary way to capture and share what you know. For the user, it is the 21st Century learning tool that turns information and knowledge into results. You can use Knowledge Genie to share and profit from what you know, educate employees, market new products, reinforce classroom learning, provide customers with the information they need, track and manage students, catalog documents, and much more.

Your Genie is accessed one of two ways: The predominate way in which your Genie is accessed is through setting up accounts and inviting users to access their account. The second method is through providing free access. To allow free and instant access to your Genie select the “Free and Instant” setting in the Publish step. This over rides any exiting settings and allows people who come to your Genie’s log in page to automatically access your Genie.

(more…) – Geo Tag Your Favorite Places

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It is a website that enables you to tag your favorite places on the map and at the same time you can post your reviews and comments of a particular place for everyone else to have a look at. This is promising website and mainly targets people who are interested in trying out new places such as new restaurants, new cafes, or a new theatre. It helps you in making a better judgment so that you can utilize your time and precious money wisely. Below are some of the other major features :

Features :

  1. The site is very user friendly and easy to use.
  2. The site is absolutely free of cost.
  3. The site enables you to tag your favorite places on the map so that others can have a good look at its location.
  4. You can also post comments about a particular place for others to view them as well as you can view the comments posted by other people.
  5. The site has a search engine that allows you to easily locate the best places in your town.
  6. The site has a fun element to it in the form of uber fun where you can earn various badges ( 70+) and play it like a game by moving up the ladder of badges.
  7. You can use this feature on your i-phone.
  8. You can also easily search for places which are famous for a particular thing such as by typing pizza you get to know about the various pizza outlets and their reviews.

Steps of procedure to use this website :

  1. All you have to do is visit the website
  2. You can use the above mentioned features as such.
  3. You can also create an account and start tagging as well as posting comments.
  4. Manage your free time and your meetings in a place you consider suitable by reading the reviews and comments.
  5. Be a player and earn badges based on the points earned by the comments posted by you.

Editor’s view :

The site is a very well made site and has the unique feature of tagging your favorite hanging out place which is undoubtedly the site’s USP. Some more features can be added though to make it more interesting. Nevertheless a good site to try.


Our rating : 3.5/5 visit

September 28, 2009 – Search Items Based On Your Location

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It is a website that allows you to search anything in a rather unconventional but more interesting and productive way , i.e. based on location of the item. You can also do it the other way round by posting item instead of searching them. It covers a wide range of items such as jobs, sales and housing etc.  The browsing experience in itself is real fun as if you are browsing through the world looking for your items.

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The site has a map which makes it easy for you to locate a place for your search. The site has many other features some of which are :

Features :

  1. The site is one of its kind.
  2. The site is absolutely free to use.
  3. The site is very user friendly and easy to work on.
  4. The site gives you a fun experience while searching for your item.
  5. You can search as well as post an item.
  6. The site possesses a map which makes it easier for you to locate a place of your interest.
  7. You can also view a place on the map by typing its name in the search tab.

Steps of procedure to use this website :

  1. All you have to do is visit the website
  2. You can then go to the search tab and post your query by selecting a place of your interest.
  3. You can also post an item along with its details on the left hand side of the homepage , making it a platform for the advertisement of your item.
  4. You can also view the satellite and hybrid images using the given tabs.
  5. Enjoy the fun and free experience of searching like never before.

Editor’s view :

The site is a really good innovation in the field of searching and advertising platforms by giving it a different touch altogether. The USP of the site is the presence of a map through which you can browse to your place of interest and search items accordingly. A very well made site and looks very promising.


Our rating : 4/5 | Visit – Get Extra Features On Twitter Like Multi Tab Search, Twitpic Images, Track All For Free

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It is a website providing additional features for your twitter account. The site offers some really good and interesting features which makes your twitter experience more fun and with less effort. The site’s features are really commendable and helps all the twitter users a great deal. The USP of the site are its features so let us just discuss them without talking about other things. The major features offered are :

Features :

  1. The site allows you to receive and send tweets ; find new friends without reloading your page. This is the most important feature as there is no need to refresh the page and still you can get all the updates.
  2. You can also search and follow what is being most discussed on twitter in real time.
  3. Multi tab search and graphs : the site allows you to go for multiple tabs and also schedule a search in the background while enjoying the live refresh.
  4. Twitpic images on the fly : this feature allows you to view the twitpic images directly from  twitscoop.
  5. Track stats : you can track the stats in real time .
  6. Follow stocks : you can also follow the latest developments in the stock markets with the help of the real time charts.
  7. The site is absolutely free and very user friendly to work on.

Steps of procedure to use this website :

  1. All you have to do is visit the website
  2. You can then sign into your twitter account by clicking on the sign into twitter tab.
  3. You now get access to the various features just mentioned above.
  4. Simply enjoy using them and make your twitter experience more fun.

Editor’s view :

The site is based on enhancing the twitter experience for the users and hence targets the twitter users. The features offered are really good and actually helps in providing a more fun experience. The site developers can however work on making these features available to users of other social networking websites. But overall a good site to try on.


Our rating : 3.5/5 | visit

September 27, 2009 – Play Free Physics Based Games Online

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It is a website featuring free games which are based on the concepts of physics.

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Yes you read it right!!!

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Physics, which is liked by quite a less number of people and for most others it is like a mystery for which we are struggling to find answers. The site developers have probably thought of this thing while developing this site. Anyways, the end result being a fun way to understand physics and at the same time enjoying to the fullest. The site has a very unique concept and is really appealing to one and all. It features a lot of games purely based on the elusive concepts of physics. Below are mentioned the major features of this website :

Features :

  1. The site is very user friendly and easy to work on.
  2. The site is absolutely free of cost.
  3. The site features a lot of games all based on some or the other concept of physics.
  4. You don’t learn physics consciously, it is while playing that you unconsciously grabs the concept. Thus you never feel bored or tired up as if you are studying.
  5. The site finds application for both young people as well as adults.
  6. You don’t need to install any game you can simply play it online.
  7. The site also features a tab with the latest games based on physics on its homepage.


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