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October 29, 2009

Adphilia – Online Advertising Platform For Web Publishers And Advertisers

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For past few months, we have been in touch with a new ad network Managed by Insomnia Media Group. The ad network is called Adphilia. This ad network has recently launched its online platform for Publishers and Advertisers.


You can simply sign up on the website, create a username and password, add your websites or ads after your account gets activated.


October 26, 2009 – Find Tuitions In Delhi Noida Faridabad And Delhi-NCR Region

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Teacher Lane is an education web site that helps students and teachers connect. Anyone who wants to learn can find a class, tutor or teacher that’s right for them, and teachers of all subjects can market their lessons and teaching skills to student community all around. A Complete career resources for students like Career options which helps you to explore your career options and choices , ask & answer module help you to post your career and study related queries and get it answered by expert etc.

They have also got informative articles on a wide variety of topics, class ratings and reviews. We have created earn for learning wherein you can post your education related requirement or become a referrer and earn easy money to fund your learning expense.

Their free services help learners in finding right teacher, tutor, classes for any subject they want to study whether it is related with Academic, Professional Courses, Computer/Information Technology, Life , Home & hobby, Sports , Health & Recreation, Language , Music & Dance, or Creative and Performing Arts. The Teacher’s profile pages will tell you everything you need to know about your potential teacher.


October 24, 2009 – Social Networking For Music Lovers

Musefy is network of musically inclined individuals. Using Musefy, you can easily find local musicians to play music with or connect with the best suited groups to join, be it a rock band, a capella, jazz ensemble, anything. Or go off and start your own group, search for the most compatible musicians, and make it big (hopefully). Think of this like a couple matching website for the music community. Except it will help you meet up with the best local musical talent.

For you aspiring musicians ready to branch out, join the web site’s network and create a profile reflecting your own experiences. Then use this profile to find and join local groups that make the same genre of music as you, be it a rock band, a capella, anything. Feeling more ambitious? Start your own group instead, then use this service to recruit other musicians and make it huge together.

No matter if you’re building your group from scratch or it’s just missing that last crucial member, you can join this web site and connect with the exact talent you’re looking for. Just create an opening detailing who you need and this web site will search for those that are most likely to match your criteria. Or, let them come to you, since only those that fit your description can see your opening.


October 22, 2009 – Largest TradeMark Search Engine

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Trademarkia is the largest, most accurate, and most complete free search engine for U.S. federally registered trademarks on the Internet. It provides up to the minute contextual information about the current use of interesting business names, slogans, and logos through pictures, commercials, and conversations from Flickr, Google, You tube, and Twitter for each U.S. trademark filed in with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since the year 1870.

You can also discover interesting trademarks that are now abandoned and expired. File U.S. trademarks on logos, trademark slogans, and trademark business names that are not being used. Also this service is backed by a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the service the system has provided you.

Your details are really kept confidential. Your information will be securely stored on the Trademarkia system until you choose to release it to others. Please note however that trademark applications become public documents upon filing a trademark application.

(more…) – Review Of Packers And Movers

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The Movers Review offers cost-effective reviews of professional moving companies, moving services, licensed movers, and moving help. The Movers Review provides this pertinent moving information to assist you in selecting a residential moving company, commercial moving company, or corporate relocation company best-suited for your particular move. The Movers Review is also here to help you with an additional range of services including self storage, moving labor, auto transport, moving supplies, and containerized moving & storage.

Using the latest technology available the Founder spent two years in research and development to build an online platform that would provide one (1) website that would give consumers everything they needed to make an educated decision. He then took it a few steps further by adding the ability, through the company’s website, to book free in-home estimates, book services directly with selected mover(s), create/manage/update online accounts, and manage all move related paperwork/documentation.

The Movers Review is an online moving services company with headquarters conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. The company was established in 2008 and started as a part-time project for its founder. It now operates with more than 1,400 rated and reviewed movers nationally and services an average of 40+ moves on a daily basis.


October 21, 2009 – Vent Out Your Feelings Online

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Muttr is a concept administrators felt would be a great addition to the world wide web as there is always something you encounter each day that just irks you. Often times, there is no real secure way of getting those things off your chest without fear of offending someone or being criticized. When this happens you’re left muttering to yourself, under your breath. Thus, this web site aims to provide that confidential and safe place to gripe or groan about all your everyday nuisances. This service stresses the confidential part immensely. Feel free to speak your mind and let it out.

This is a web site about absolutely nothing where everything that irks you comes to life. Hate your boss? Despise a co-worker? Can’t stand when those damned popcorn shells get stuck in your teeth? Groan, gripe, and complain your day away. Most importantly, Just muttr! Also, this service is available in the palm of your hand. Just join them on your mobile device now. Basically, Muttr is a web savvy way of using the word Mutter.


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