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December 30, 2009 – Say Goodbye To Traditional Office IM

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Meetings are a complete waste of time, email etiquettes are too hard and weird to follow, and Instant Messenger is too outdated for group chats. Welcome to the hip and happening world of HipChat, a new communication platform with a difference.

HipChat is a communication platform which will make office communication with colleagues across the globe a lot more candid, real time and fast with its attractive features . HipChat facilitates seamless text, code and file sharing for instant decision making.

One key attraction of this messenger is that it saves you from the trouble of finding the email id of your office teammates and then add them to a list. You don’t have to follow the tradition manual ‘Add buddies’ approach. You’re automatically connected to everyone in your company or team. There are absolutely no bandwidth limits but only file storage limits. This tool also facilitates keeping a record of all your ‘chats’ in Chat Histories.

(more…) – Tweet From Any Mobile Phone Via SMS

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Yesterday I came across a wonderful and innovative service called which is an extremely east-to-use and effective service to send tweets using mobile phone SMS. Now you no more need fancy mobile phone or data plans to tweet on the go. Just use any mobile handset which can send an SMS. The charge of sending SMS is normal SMS tariff. This is not a premium tariff service SMS which make a hole in your pockets.

There are to SMS numbers one for Mumbai and one for Bangalore. So if you are in these states, you can send an SMS at local SMS charge, else it will cost you a National SMS charge.

You just need to login using your twitter id once and register your mobile number and you are ready to tweet via SMS. I tested it and its lightening fast.


December 29, 2009 Participate In Conversations Of Your Choice

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Conversation is an inevitable part of human life. Every person on this planet has a particular thought process and a personal opinion about everything happening around him. What could be extremely good for one could turn out to be a cobra’s venom for another. Now, its also a human nature to share one’s thoughts and opinion about something with other minds and there is always a curiosity to know what the others have to say about the same thing.

Gravity brings together people from various walks of life and provides them with a common platform to speak out their minds and share their views on almost everything they care about.

Also, Gravity acknowledges the fact that it’s our ability to converse that sets us apart from lesser beasts. Humans are pretty clever. Not only can we express feelings like hunger, anger and happiness (cats and badgers can do all of these), with language we can describe stuff, communicate complicated ideas, engage in debate, and teach and learn from each other.


December 27, 2009 Save Energy And Get Rewards

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Now, it was an inevitable conclusion that a legally binding climate change mitigation agreement was a non-starter even before the Copenhagen climate summit began. And that is what came out on the last day of the conference, leaving the much harder task of a legally binding treaty to Mexico in November.

But that’s the problem challenging the nations at a international level. It was not right on their part, agreed, but what now? I have one question for every literate person out there- what are we as an individual doing to prevent global warming and thus controlling climate change? Don’t we have any responsibility towards our planet Earth?

We all can do our little bit to keep the earth Green. We can conserve and save energy(electricity, gas, water) used at our homes, workplace, etc with the help of Earth Aid. Earth Aid has developed a free service that measures your monthly energy use and rewards you based on how much you save.

It follows 3 simple steps :

  1. They will review your household’s energy use from your utility company will create a “baseline” using the details.
  2. Earth Aid then provides you with customized advice to become more energy-efficient, and then measures your next year of energy use.
  3. Last (and most importantly), Earth Aid empowers you to earn rewards based on the amount of energy you have conserved.


December 24, 2009 – Free Online Integrated Development Environment.

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Code developers often have a nightmare when their development environment gets corrupted or some other snags stop them from creating and deploying their application. If such a thing happens at the eleventh hour of code delivery, hell breaks lose. At such testing times how badly as a programmer you would have wished for some alternative. Days of wishful thinking are over with our website which provides free and cross platform Integrated Development Environment.

CodeRun is a virtual web-based development environment which is based on cloud computing. The web service will compile the code on the server which gets downloaded as an exe on the user system. But, what about debugging?? Debugging is also done on server and the errors are displayed to the user.

This site allows you to develop, debug, deploy and test your code online. It supports C# which includes ASP.NET, WCF, Silverlight and WPF browser application. It also extends support for .NET (3.5), PHP (5.1), JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The database like SQL Server 2005 and Amazon SimpleDB is also taken care of by the tool. The best thing about this site is that you can start using it without any complicated installations or plug-ins.

(more…) – Never Type Same Search Twice

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Why to reach for the complicated methods when things can be done in a much simpler way? Searchzooka is a web application that will make your online search experience more easy and wonderful. It will free you of the cumbersome process of writing your search topics repetitively on various search engines for getting the desired information.

It can be said about searchzooka that its a second name for simplified & advanced internet searching. As many are the number of search engines, so are the different ways to generate the results and controlling our searches. Searchzooka makes it easy because it will enable you to create just one advanced search and use it on several engines. Also, it will save and organize your advanced searches for future uses. Making clones of the existing searches is another feature. So, with searchzooka, you never type the same search twice.

Creating a search with searchzooka is as easy as filling up a simple form available on the website itself. Generally the search engines prioritize their searches by “relevance”, but you can always go for the “newest first” option and your results will be prioritized by date. You can also limit your search results within a particular time period by entering the start and the end dates. And in case you do not specify the period, searchzooka will show you all the result regardless of the dates.


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