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March 31, 2010 – Quick Photo Mosaic Of Twitter Friends or Followers

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Do your friends mean the world to you and you wish to be in possession of some physical souvenir to remind you of all the wonderful people who make your life beautiful? Read on as something great is in store for you. MyFriendsMosaic is a new online tool which allows you to create an interesting and picturesque mosaic from the profile images of all your Twitter friends and followers.

Just enter your Twitter username on the homepage of the website and behold, a wonderful and captivating mosaic will be created by the tool in just a few seconds! If you are looking for brand building of your product, you can get a mosaic of your “Twitter followers” to show it to the rest of the world. You have to choose “followers” from the drop down menu in that case.

The mosaic created by the tool can be downloaded as an image which can stay planted on your desktop forever. What if you want something more tangible, up, close and personal? The website offers to print your photo mosaic on a variety of merchandise products like mug, a T-shirt, a mouse pad or a handbag. Customization of your chosen merchandise is also possible in terms of size, color and type. The payments can be made through credit card or PayPal and you become the proud owner of a memory which you can keep for a lifetime.


March 30, 2010

See Ads For Green Initiative And Charity –

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Over 1.6 billion people in the world lack access to electricity. For these people, life comes to a standstill after dusk. Inadequate lighting is not only an impediment to progress and development opportunities, but also has a direct impact on the health, environment, and safety of millions of people, as they are forced to light their homes with kerosene lamps, dung cakes, firewood, and crop residue after sunset.

Recognizing the need to change the existing scenario, DoGoodHeadquarters have taken an initiative of turning our everyday web browsing into donations that will support Green initiatives and movements for positive social and environmental change all across the globe.


March 28, 2010

Shared Whiteboard Online –

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Well, here is another website which we came across, and before you guess wrong, it has got nothing related to “food” (As the name suggests). is a website dedicated completely to tasks/projects undertaken by its users. If you have any task, and when saying “any” means anything, then is for you. It helps you perform your tasks/projects by connecting you with others who are performing similar tasks. As mentioned above, tasks include anything, from creating your own website to writing your own new software to even organizing a get together for your friends’ 18th B’Day bash or your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.

For accomplishing these diverse tasks taskfood helps you to collaborate with others, write about your project/task on forums and also have video conferences with as many as four members at once. To top it all, using the site for your project is completely free. All you need to do is signup on their web site and give a name to your project (But be careful while giving a name to your project, since most of the names would already be registered).


March 27, 2010

See Demo Of iPhone Apps Before Buying –

Filed under: Mobile — Tags: — Kabir @ 1:00 pm is a website which is dedicated completely to iPhone and iPod touch (“i-gadget”) applications. It helps the user to understand the concept of your “i-gadget” and also helps in getting familiar with the wide and varied number of applications which come with it. There are a number of applications developed for your “i-gadget” and these can be downloaded, reviewed, and even tutored at one website itself. gives the user a demo through a video regarding, using different applications. The best way to learn more about your gizmo is to click the applications (on your “i-gadget”) as shown in the video side by side. The idea is to play around with it, so that you get familiar with the applications and do not feel alien when using them.


March 26, 2010

Online Advice For Women –

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Are you filled with nostalgia when you recall those days of reading one important section of magazine, journal or newspaper totally dedicated to women? The column, popularly called as “agony aunt” column was for women, of women and by women. The changing times completely overshadowed by digital media has however made it a thing of past. For all those women missing the good old days, here is an online version to revive your fond memory of your dearest agony aunt  who had almost all the solutions right in place. is a new free online service which all the women folk can proudly call as their own domain. It is a platform where they can share problems, discuss issues which concern and affect all the females in general and find solutions by continuous deliberations. Here, people can anonymously post their moral, social dilemmas and even get poll results from audience. You can seek help from learned people who reply to the queries very often. Polling the masses can instil a new confidence in you when you take some important decision unlike the past where you had to completely rely on your instinct or advice of one or two people.


March 25, 2010

Get Email Reminder Alerts With

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Fast paced life has taken a toll on not just our body but our minds as well. We need to be constantly reminded as at any given point of time we are preoccupied by several thoughts and long list of tasks. How about having an online tool which becomes your task manager and reminds you of all your important tasks which need to be followed up without any delays? That will be put a natural end to unpleasant and annoying mails from your seniors, sub-ordinates or colleagues. Also, your forgetful nature will no longer remain your weakness which others can take undue advantage of. FollowUpThen really fits in the bill if you are endlessly multitasking and struggling to keep a tab on things.

FollowUpThen provides free email reminder services which are auto-generated and send as per your chosen day or time. You don’t even need to have an account to be able to use the services.


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