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April 30, 2010

Edit Images Online With

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Good news for all the art lovers who love to play around and experiment with colors and add effects to different pictures. is here. It’s an online art community which allows the user to create, mix, add effects, share, rate, comment and even favorite the artwork of different members.

Sump Paint is a full fledged photo-editing or paint app which works on any OS be it Windows, Mac or Linux. It has over 10 million users and over 180,000 registered members from over 200 countries. Not to forget, web site is available in your indigenous language. All you need to do is register on their community and start enjoying your passion online (You can even take advantage of limited services if you’re not a registered member).


April 29, 2010

Complete Open-source Movie Database –

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There is good news for all the film buffs, is here. It’s a brand new web site which contains pages full of movie info. When said movie info, means complete movie info ranging from the director to the producer to the writers and even to the stuntman and make-up artists. The web site looks very friendly, which has a forum dedicated to the movie-lovers, where they can discuss latest releases and chat about the star cast. The web site also manages a channel where users can post their reviews.

It has different channels by the name of movies, people and news. Since, the web site is new, most of the features are "coming soon". But surely, they seem to be attractive and will generate traffic. Apart from this, there is also a new service provided where users can see the box-office reports of their favorite films. From James Camerons’ latest blockbuster Avatar to Alfred Hitchcocks’ Dial M for Murder, you name it and they have all the info relating to the movie. Users can also post and read biographies of their favorite actors.


April 27, 2010

Take Full Page Screenshot of Any Website with

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CaptureFullPage is a new online application which allows you to take full page screenshot of any website, preview it and then download the screenshot. The next obvious question would be why this tool when there are already many such tools available? Undeniably, there are countless tools available to capture screenshots of websites; there is not even one which helps you take the screenshot of the entire web page with high resolution. This application provides high resolution, customizable screenshots effortlessly and in just a few magical seconds.

Capturing screenshot on this FREE web-based application only requires knowledge of the URL of the website of which the screenshot is required. Just type or copy and paste the URL on the homepage of the website. A preview of the screenshot would be displayed. Homepage of the website also lists screen-shots of the recently captured web pages for quick reference. You can even tweak the screenshot to customize it to your needs.


April 26, 2010

Add Text To Pictures with

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Adding witty comments to pictures can make them livelier and draw instant attention of friends and family. PicFont is a free web based tool which helps you to add text information to images with just a couple of clicks. While there is no dearth of photo editing tools which can help you do the same job, the only thing which sets this application apart is the simplicity and ease it provides in doing an otherwise cumbersome and complicated task of adding text to images.

PicFont allows you to easily customize the font faces and sizes to suit your needs. Here is how you make your pictures personalized with some interesting comments.


April 25, 2010

Solution To School And College Course Problems –

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Cramster is a web site on a completely new concept, aims at tutoring school and college students. It helps the students learn beyond textbooks. The web site is certainly a step forward in 21st century education. It was launched last year, and it has an online library consisting of two-million course documents already. Students from over 3000 universities are members (the exact count of members being 500,000). Though, monthly subscription of membership is not free and comes with a price of $10 per month (which is certainly not high, considering the skyrocketing prices of tutors).

Various services have been provided to the students apart from course documents; students can ask one question per day free of cost (answers to which will be given by fellow students and other teachers), students can access study material, solve questions, submit their study resources etc.

Another service which has caught the eye of many teachers is that students can even submit their homework assignments and can have all of them answered. Several teachers have strongly criticized this but the promoters and developers of the web site have said; in the age of internet, students can get answers to their questions anyway. Well, certainly this debate is endless, but this web site is sure to be a huge hit among students from colleges as well as schools.


April 24, 2010

Easiest Way to Share Music on Internet –

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Well, here is an easy way to share your favorite songs with your buddies over internet. Just type in the name of the song and there you go, share the links with your friends on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbir, StumbleUpon and even send an e-mail. is where you can enjoy all the services.  Just type in the name of the song in the search engine and you get a series of matching words. Play the song online (on itself) and see if it is the tune you are searching for and get the link. There is a huge variety of songs available on the web site (courtesy: “ridiculously diverse catalog of Grooveshark“, which is the parent site where you can listen to songs). (more…)

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