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July 31, 2010

Safeguard Your PC From Data Snatchers Using AVG-LinkScanner

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There has been an interminable war between the viruses that damages our computer’s operating systems and the corresponding anti-virus softwares to minimize the damage caused by the former or to keep them completely away from our systems. But the current scenario is that even these anti-virus softwares are no longer enough to protect our computers.

Now considering the fact that about 95% of online threats are web-based and cannot be stopped with anti-virus software alone, there comes an another application known as AVG-LinkScanner which will let you know if the webpage you are visiting is safe before you even get there.

There are millions of poisoned web pages out there that are the home for Data Snatchers. They can live on familiar, big-name and most trusted websites, to steal your personal information: credit card details, private files & your identity. Just clicking on one can get you into trouble. You can end up losing your money, your identity and your most precious personal informations. (more…)

July 20, 2010

Add Fun Photo Effects To Your Photos For Free With

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Bored of sharing simple and plain photos with your loved ones? Want to do something new and fun to your photos? Visit, and you’ll find out, how exciting sharing photographs with your friends can be. You don’t need to install any software, no prerequisites of being an artist (for editing the photo), all you need to do is visit the web site select a photo-effect (which excites you the most) and upload your photo. To top it all, it’s completely free and no sign-ups required. is an online photo-editing tool which enables you to create funny photos from your own photos. What more? you can also upload the same edited photos to your Facebook profile and share with friends. Take a look at my pic below and you’ll know understand the concept. (more…)

July 6, 2010

Find Invisible Friends On Yahoo Messenger –

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There are times when you chat online with your friends and gossip about what happened in college while the other was away on a holiday or business partners and discuss about the submissions at Yahoo Messenger, but the messenger displays a certain ID “offline” while you are still IMing with the same. This “offline” ID is known as Invisible ID.┬áTo know whether your buddies are online or not you can visit, which scans the e-mail ID entered and checks whether your buddy is online or offline. It’s a simple, easy and free way to know your friends are online or not. It is completely free of malware and needs no software installation.

Invisible ID’s can be checked on Yahoo!, Meebo, Pigdin, eBuddy etc. All you need to do is type the ID in the space provided and hit “Enter”. The server of invisibleim checks whether the typed ID is actually online or not and displays accordingly. (more…)

July 5, 2010

Living Room Planning – Visit

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Ever imagined you could design your own living room? Well here’s your chance of wearing an Architect’s hat for planning and furnishing your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office space etc. enables you to transform your idea into a scaled drawing, which obviously can be used for refurbishing purpose.

So here is how works. I would suggest you to first visit the web site and get familiar with the tools and elements they have provided. Then visit the tutorial at (By following this progression, you’ll be able to understand the tools better). The tutorial is in German, but that is not a barrier as the viewer can easily comprehend what function the tool performs by simply watching the video. However, one has to be careful while drawing since the developers have not yet introduced an “Undo” option. The user can also upload a file to their database and edit the same. (more…)

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