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August 30, 2010

Create Your Own eCards with

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Have you heard of personalized digital social cards which reflect your style and way of life? Here is a website which gives a new digital lease of life to the dying culture of exchanging cards on special occasions. MashpArts is an online tool which helps you in creating customized, stylish and interactive eCards in just a few minutes.

With this web application you can add interesting and fun elements like photos, videos, music, songs, comments and many more innovative things to lend it your personal touch. Imagine wishing your lady love on her Birthday with her favorite Hannah Montana video in the card. This little gesture would surely win you a special place in her heart!!!


August 29, 2010

Find Exact Name of Any Color

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Naming colors is no longer a child’s play considering the myriad variations available. What essentially used to be first kindergarten lesson has now become a painful and sometimes even embarrassing exercise as we often find it difficult to distinguish purple, indigo and lavender!!!

Here is a fun tool for all the commoners callous about colors and their hard to remember names. This web application is extremely simple to use and there are absolutely no hidden technical complications. It is intended for fun and that’s exactly what is does. All you have to do is click on the color wheel and make a color of your imagination. The tool will find out the name of the closest matching color.


August 28, 2010

Experience Social Shopping with

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Web 2.0 has given an altogether new meaning to “Sharing”. Have you ever wondered where all your friends are splurging their money and where do they get those most-envied material possessions from? Think no more, as Blippy is a social buying website which encourages people to share their shopping spree details with the world!!

Blippy is a fun website where frequent shoppers can post and follow their friends’ and even strangers’ recent purchases. The shopping binges mentioned can range from a few dollars spent at a local dining restaurant to a fortune spent on buying a piece-of-art piano!!


August 27, 2010

Learn Everything About WordPress on

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WordPress is the most commonly used blog publishing application. It has received phenomenal response from all the web world enthusiasts right from its first release. As per the recent statistics, this platform is used by 300 of 10,000 biggest websites. Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most popular blog software in use today.

Are you still caught unaware of this application and too shy to admit your ignorance? You would be glad to know that there are just many like you out there trying to catch up the missed Web Bus. SeekWP has come to the rescue of all beginners in the WordPress world with its own small but extremely handy search engine. This WordPress dedicated search portal provides all the minute details ranging from the themes, widgets, lesser known tips and tricks of handling this wonderful blog application to the best capacity.


August 26, 2010

Manage Visual Bookmarks on

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Bookmarks or Favorites save several minutes every day which otherwise would nicely get eaten up in random browsing or scratching of head to recall that useful website which you encountered by chance. But what if your list of Favorites also becomes unmanageable and zeroes down to another filtered search from a very long list?? Here is a web service which helps you bookmark your most often used links with a difference!!

Skloog is a recently launched web 2.0 gift for all the people who use internet excessively. This application helps you to create a very manageable, customized, and well categorized arrangement of bookmarks for your quick reference. You just have to enter the URL of your website to add it to the list. At the same time, you can easily use the most popular websites which have been already indexed with wonderful visual logos by it Skloog.


August 25, 2010

Buying And Selling Is Fast And Simple With

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If you are living in Bangalore, and have faced trouble finding a cheap and reliable second hand product in the market or else you have gone completely mad about those fake promises being made by several websites over the web to land you up with some good opportunities to buy or sell a used product, then Roopit is the online marketplace for used stuff, which you must have not experienced till date.

Features :

  • Find your Product : The wide range of products that it caters to, makes it a unique platform for this kind of service. There are as much as 32 well defined categories till date like Refrigerators, Furniture, Houses & Homes, Mobiles, Books, cars, laptops, televisions, cameras, jewelery, so on and so forth. There’s also one category namely ‘Everything Else’ where you can look for any other stuff besides the main categories mentioned on the site.
  • Stuff you might be interested in : there’s a separate link named ‘interesting’ that features those used items that have been liked by many others and the Roopit team thinks would be liked by you as well.
  • Find Your Locality : there is also a list of Bangalore’s neighborhoods(covering the entire north, south, east, west and central Bangalore) on Roopit. You can always pick the one that is closest to yours place enabling easy access to the product you are interested in and the subsequent seller.
  • Free Products : sounds really strange but its true. There’s also a list of goods that you can have without paying a single penny to its owner.

How To Use Roopit’s Services ? (more…)

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