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September 27, 2010

Membership And Loyalty Cards Online Anytime Anywhere

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Membership, loyalty, club, reward and association cards nicely adorn your wallet and after a point of time become an eyesore getting stacked and eating up all the space as their number keeps growing with time. If you are a frequent user of such cards and find it very inconvenient to have them available all times and at all places, here is an excellent web application at your service!!

CardMobili has recently launched a free web application which unburdens consumers from carrying physical loyalty cards by making them “mobile” in the truest sense. It makes them available on the user’s mobile phone. The website has wonderfully captured on the latest buzzword called “cloud computing”. Cardmobili solves a worldwide problem of the uneasiness witnessed by consumers who have wide range of interests and associated membership cards by filling an emerging need with Cardmobili’s mobile loyalty cloud.”


September 25, 2010

Detailed Analysis Of Any Website’s Popularity Traffic Content Rankings & More

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We needn’t say that competition on the web is growing day-by-day, however, the point which is to be noted here is that, how many web apps are launched which actually provide us with detailed analysis of a certain web site or a blog which we follow? Imagine how cool it would be to zero-in on a web site which has better rankings and traffic than others. Rankings and traffic could certainly be key factors when deciding between two web sites (as to which one to follow?).

So here is introducing,, which provides the users with complete details about the performance of any web site. Detailed analytics are provided which may include: traffic data, rankings, performance in the past few months etc., provides comprehensive data about usability of a certain web site, its popularity among visitors, names of a few other similar web sites and even social comments. (more…)

September 23, 2010

Share Any Kind Of Document Online

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If you have gone through deadly nightmares dealing with documents which totally refuse to open in readable format, read on. Document conversion to bring it down in a readable format specially these days when there are hundreds of formats floating around is a common cause of concern. We have found a wonderful online tool to end all your dreaded document woes.

DocDroid is a FREE online service which enables you to upload/download documents in any format. This document can be downloaded by the receiver in his chosen format without worrying about not having supporting software. In simple words, you can freely send DOC/DOCX file to a friend who may not have MS WORD installed in his system. All you have to do is educate him on this excellent web application.


September 22, 2010

Age Of Empires Free Game Play Online

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Well, most of are huge fans of this game which goes by the name of “Age of Empires” (Or have been a fan of this game at some point of time in our lives). It’s back, and this time it’s online. Developed by Robot Entertainment and Microsoft Games Studios, Age Of Empires Online invites players from all across the world to come and play against friendly rivals and share with friends and family. It is certainly the next step in gaming.

Currently, the beta is available and running, however, the full version will be launched with Windows LIVE sometime in 2011. The game is compatible with XP, Vista and their latest cousin, the Windows 7. It will be available for download and players can play online with real time friendly rivals.


September 21, 2010

Add Funny Frames To Pictures And Photographs

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Ever thought of doing something exciting and unique with your photos? Well, here is your chance. There are various tools available at which will surely help you add frames to your photos. Apart from frames, you can also add different affects in your photos such as a “ripple” affect or a “face bender”. And guess what, it’s extremely easy, just upload your photos and choose the most fascinating affect. No “geeky” knowledge required.


September 20, 2010

Best Twitter Client For Multiple Twitter Accounts

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Having multiple accounts on the most popular micro blogging site Twitter is common, but managing all those accounts is still a problem for many. There are many Twitter Clients getting launched almost every day on the web to keep the fun going when you tweet or follow a long list of people in Tweety World!!

Multwiple is a new web-based Twitter Client with a difference. It allows the Twitter users to use and manage all their accounts in one place in the most hassle free way. What more, you don’t even have to switch from one account to the other the way you are forced to do in other similar clients.


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