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October 25, 2010

Get Notification Alerts When A Website, Webservice Is Down With

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Almost all of the internet freaks often had to go through those annoying times when their favorite websites is down and out due to some reason and is not functioning properly. Now, the main problem under such a situation is when you are unable to find the exact cause – whether the problem is at the end of the website and everyone else using that website is experiencing this or there is something wrong at your end(your internet provider going haywire again) while the website is working fine for others. DownRightNow is the web-based application that has come to your rescue because it will give you the exact picture.

DownRightNow will tell you when the popular web services are experiencing trouble and that all is well at your end. It pulls together information from several sources to determine when there is an outage or other disruption. The several sources it gathers this information are as follows :-

  1. Reports from users who visit DownRightNow
  2. Public messages on Twitter from users who are having service trouble
  3. Official company announcements and status reports
  4. Other third-party web sites that monitor service status


Share, Store Voice Recording On Internet With

Filed under: Communication — Tags: — Kabir @ 12:05 pm is a new online tool that allows users to search, share and store the voice recordings uploaded. The voice recordings once uploaded are automatically converted into transcriptions and stored securely in your VoiceBase account for further use. Whenever the user needs to search for a recording, all he/she needs to do is search catchwords with an asterix(*). For example, the search mar* would yield market, marvelous and all other words with prefix as mar. So now, all your recordings have a safe and secure place which also allows you to share via Facebook and Twitter.

Although, the quality of transcription depends much on the quality and clarity of the recording, machined-transcription is not all that bad. However, users also have an option of opting for human-transcription, but at a cost of about $150/hour, besides, it takes 3 working days to complete the transcription. Signing-up to use the web service is mandatory. Users have an option of going for a free one year package which allows users to keep the recordings for up to one year or they can also become premium members and can enjoy permanent storage at a rate of $1/hour.


October 24, 2010

Print Collage Poster Of Facebook Friends Profile Photos With

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Ever imagined making a collage of your friends’ Facebook photos? Imagine how wonderful it would be to gift your friend a collage or a poster of your friends’ photos. Yes, with, this imagination can become a reality. Besides offering various sizes and background colors for printing, using the web site is extremely easy.

The first step is to select the printing options (which consists of options like background color and size of the poster). Next, connect with facebook by logging-in. Once logged-in, select the photos of friends who you wish to add on the poster. Once the poster is ready, make the payment via PayPal, and there you go, your order is complete. You will shortly receive the poster of selected size well wrapped with tissue paper in a cardboard box (In case of International shipping, it might take a bit longer and charges apply @ $15 to any country in the world except USA and Canada).

Key Features

  • Print a poster of your friends’ photos on Facebook
  • Select the size, background color and also the collage type (choose from various options) yourself
  • No need to register and no signing-up required
  • Connect via your facebook account
  • Wonderful and a unique gift for your friends’ birthdays or anniversaries
  • Pay via PayPal
  • Shipping cost ; $6 for USA, $10 for Canada and $15 flat for any other country in the world


Make Your Brand Recognized On Twitter With

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Twitter is not just about real time interactions. It has acquired the status of an effective branding tool and an excellent marketing medium to reach out to a lot more people. However, the microblogging site in itself cannot be used to its highest potential if we are not using the tools which showcase how to work wonders with Twitter.

TweetDiscover is a twitter based tool especially useful for all the people closely involved in branding and marketing of products. This online tool is a platform which will help in brand building with its real time automation and analytics services.


October 23, 2010

Free Internet Conferences, Meetings, File Sharing With

Filed under: Communication — Tags: — Kabir @ 1:52 pm is the new and affordable way of web conferencing and sharing desktops. With Yugma, users can communicate and share ideas with other attendees at just the click of the mouse (or the touchpad). What more, the services are free to use, using which enables users to invite up to 20 attendees for a conference session. The free version is valid for 15 days.

Besides the free version, users can also opt for the paid membership known as the Yugma P Series. Using the P Series, users can enjoy the following features.

Features of the Yugma P Series

  • Schedule meetings and send invitation in advance
  • Record your web conference in order to playback again whenever needed
  • Distribute files securely
  • Live technical support


October 22, 2010

Find Best Phone In Your Price Budget With [ For Indian Users ]

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Confused over which mobile phone to buy? How about finding a phone based on your preferences (like slider/flip, touchscreen/QWERTY, and also inside that budget). Introducing, which enables users to browse through various mobile phones, compare mobile phones, and also list out only those mobile phones which lie in the selected price range. And hence making it easier to zero-in on a mobile phone.

PhoneCurry is the latest web service launched exclusively for Indian consumers who very often get confused while buying electronics (especially mobile phones) and end up spending more and getting services which they don’t need at all. Thus, helps us to list out our priorities, be it the budget, features, looks etc.

Key Features

  • Browse, Compare and get to know various offers for mobile phones
  • List out your priorities for a mobile phone
  • Choose from a filtered list of different mobile phone brands, based on your priorities
  • Select only those services which you actually need and get the best deals
  • No registrations required
  • Free to use
  • Get to know the India price of various mobile phones


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