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August 5, 2011

2011 Students Scholarship Program For Indian Students – Last Day Of Registration

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India is one of the fastest growing nations. A lot has been done and there is a lot left to do. By this I mean that there are many aspects of life which need to be changed in this country in order to make it a happy place to live. A country can be a really prosperous and wealthy but there is no reason to believe that the people living in it are happy and sound.

One of the problems that we face in our country is the education system. Yes, believe it or not but our system maybe one of the best in the world but the way we try to impose it onto our children is what worries the most. A normal child has to go through a lot in his childhood as he is forced to study whatever his parents want him to. They don’t even bother to ask if the child is interested in some other form of extra-curricular activity like painting or sculpting. Well, By this method the child may achieve a well placed job profile but that certainly does not mean that he is happy with what he is doing.


And in my opinion there is nothing worse in this world than seeing your dreams die in front of you. So today we would like to explain how a child can achieve the same status even if he does not hold a degree in some field of his parents choice. This project launched by the Max New York life, known as the igenius scholarship is a unique program to recognize and reward children who are good in not just academics but also in extra curricular activities.

This program helps bring out the hidden talent in your child and the vision of this program is to contribute towards the better future of the child. There is no registration fees and this program offers your child to win scholarships up to 10 lacs. This opportunity is open for all the children of classes 3rd to 8th from a government recognized school.

In our opinion if you want your child to be a happy individual rather than a boring family man then this is the right path. This program will encourage your child to participate in other fields as well so that his capabilities are found out at the right time. In this era what we need is a healthy lifestyle and that can only come from a happy mind.

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