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April 29, 2011

Know Your Flight Mates In Advance

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Remember, how as a young lad you always dreamt of sitting next to a beautiful girl on your long journey. Somehow it would never happen for you while the guy in front would always seem to have the lady luck smiling on him. You would mutter a few bad words, curse your luck and the wishful thinking of having the power to choose your partner in flight would eventually die a natural death only to resurface on the next long distance flight.


6 Best Free Websites To Learn Foreign Languages

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Want to learn a foreign language but don’t have time to attend classes? No worries! There are a number of online resources that you can use from anywhere anytime to learn foreign languages. Although there are endless resources to learn languages on the web, it is often difficult to find quality websites that offer structured lesson plans for free. Here you can find five free online sites help you learn the language you wish.


April 28, 2011

Watch TV, Play Games, Have Fun With Apps & More

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Neave is one web site which caught my eye while reviewing it. I was hooked to it for almost an hour, testing out its features and apps which it has on offer. Trust me, I didn’t realize that I was hooked to it for such a long time till I saw my watch. Neave is a fun web site developed by Paul Neave, a resident of London, United Kingdom (UK).


April 27, 2011

Create Online Exams, Tests, Assessments And Share Via Email

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Do you run a school/University or you wanna hire people for your organization but you don’t have time to organize test or participants are not able to attend it physically because they are far from the place. Then how about organizing a online Test, Sound good? Read ahead.


Get Instant Email Alerts For Price Drop Deals On Your Selected Products

Have you ever been to a shopping mall twice for a single product just because it was not on sale for the first time you saw it ? Well most of us have done that and to some extent it is really logical since you can get the same thing for less if you get a nice deal. Now what if i tell you that you will never need to go anywhere to find the best deal for the product you like.


April 26, 2011

Share Your Android Or iOS Home/ App/ Theme Screens And Get Reviews

I always like to customize my phones home screen and then I show it to my friends to impress them and get reviews from them on this new screen, I know many of you also love this. Today I am going to tell you how can you share your screens with not just friends but with whole world.


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