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July 29, 2011

Receive Gmail, Aol, & Hotmail Emails As Text Messages On Mobile Phone

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Emails largely drive the course of our professional and personal life these days. Many of you would have spent a handsome sum of money in getting the smart phone which allows you to stay connected to the world round-the-clock. For the rest, who would like to stay on top their mails but are unwilling to spend on new fancy gadget must read on. Here is a wonderful online service which you are truly going to like and use. (more…)

July 27, 2011

Find People On Google Plus (Google+) By Profile, Name, Location, Profession And More

Filed under: Social Networking — Tags: , — Kabir @ 12:54 pm

Google Plus has been the latest buzz online. For those who are not aware, Google+ is the latest project of Google which connects and links all the pages of Google (and Google profiles). In simple words, it is Google’s answer to Facebook. Users can share photos, videos, locations and their “Status Updates”. But searching for particular profiles may become a little cumbersome. So, we introduce you to, an initiative started to search “Specific” profiles on Google+.


July 26, 2011

Create Animations By Uploading Pics From Your Computer, Flickr, Picasa Or YouTube

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Do you ever wanted to make funny animations from the pics you had and show them to your friends and enjoy it, well there are many tools which can allow you to create animations from pics but either they are costly or tricky to use.

Glickr is a free online service which lets you create animations from images that you had stored on your computer, Picasa albums, Flickr or it even allows you to create animation from any YouTube video.


Automatically Sync Your Music Collection Across Your Smartphone, PC/Mac, Or Other Connected Devices

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Music has got it own importance in a humans life, music can be used for entertainment and at the same time, Music can be a healer for broken hearts and depressed. Even when you see an ad on the television the first thing you notice is the jingle and the tune. If a tune is really impressing then you get interested in the product. So my basic reason to give you all these details and examples is to show you how important music is, in our lives and souls.


July 25, 2011

Watch Magic Trick Videos To Learn Cool Card & Coin Tricks Online For Free

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How many times it has happened that you had watched some guys doing some magic tricks and getting attention of public, you might had watched it on TV or live.

Isn’t it cool to do some magic in front of your friends or family but you don’t know the tricks right, YUDOmagic  is a free online site which tell you how to perform those magic tricks. (more…)

July 22, 2011

Do Voice Chat Or Post Voice Message To Your Facebook Friends For Free

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We all use Facebook and do chat with our friends on it to stay connected with, chat is a nice feature which allows us to talk with our friends and to know them.

But I hate writing as it requires me to type my message by pressing keys on keyboard, it’s a time consuming and effortful job.

What if you don’t have to type your message and do a voice chat with your friends directly inside the Facebook interface, isn’t it sounds nice?


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