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August 31, 2011

Find Out If Your Crush Feels The Same Way As You

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Teenage romances are fun. You are growing up, the whole body is responding to rapid psychological and physical changes. Attraction to the opposite sex (you may also wish to follow the “Curved” path, if you understand what I’m saying) is bound to happen. Now, imagine yourself being turned down by your crush! Wouldn’t it be the most embarrassing moment of your life. Well, for me it was and I’d gotten used to it (In the last 22 years, the only reply to “I Love You” has been “We can be good friends”).


View And Convert Documents On The Go

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Many times we got documents via email or some of our friend give document to us but we don’t have appropriate application to view it, for instance if you get PDF file but you don’t have Adobe Reader or like to view it so what to do.

Zoho Viewer is a nice online tool which allows you to view any document online without installing any application on your computer, all you need to do is just upload your document and see it online.

You can also upload document using their online link, just copy the link of document and paste it there, it will upload document and let you see it online.Once uploaded just grab the URL and share it with your friends or post it in blogs or forums.


August 30, 2011

Send Large Files Instantly Via Website, Mobile Or Desktop App

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File sharing is a part and parcel of our everyday life. We send and receive files for our work purposes, for sharing photos or videos with our family and friends and to also communicate with long distant relatives and/or friends. We have been regularly posting about sending and receiving files from and to your e-mail account. Some of those online tools are useful, easy to use and free of cost. But most of them require to sign-in to your e-mail account and/or to the host itself. How about introducing you to an online app which you can use directly from your desktop or phone?


Create & Share Your Professional Portfolios, Business Card And More Online For Free

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Statistics and findings have shown that over 95% of businesses worldwide are done via networking and word-to-mouth spreading. Consider this example, if you plan to higher a caterer for your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, you would surely ask your friends as to who to higher (as the caterer). Same is the case with buying a mobile phone to clothes to eating out joints or restaurants etc. So we draw a conclusion that business is networking based.


August 29, 2011

How To Keep Your Email Account Safe From Hackers?

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Hacking is the biggest threat to the virtual world. With all the information and huge databases being shared online, it is an ideal place for hackers to ‘Break the lock and get in’. You may have read and heard so much about hacking, but have you ever wondered whether your e-mail account was ever hacked to steal you personal data?

If the answer is no, better get ready for a shock, it has been estimated that around 1,466,098 e-mail accounts are hacked each year. This is how hackers work, they break into a web site and release millions of e-mail accounts of users like you and me (Now you know where all those mindless SPAM messages are coming from). To know whether your account was ever hacked or not, you must use this amazing online tool called HackNotifier.


Get Free Alerts Email For Your Events

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Do you forget your important meetings  or birthday of your friends like me Smile with tongue out, actually most of are busy in many work in our day to day life which let us forget some important events like meetings, making call to someone, birthday of friends and so on.

Well if you are going through the same situation the a service name Alertful could be beneficial for you, Alertful is an online reminder service which sends reminding emails for almost anything like meetings, call someone, shopping and so on.


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