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October 31, 2011

Take Quick Screenshots, Edit And Share With Friends Online

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Many times we need to take screenshot of web page so that we can share it with our friends and tell or show them. You can use screenshots to show a particular portion of web page as on web page your friend may not find what you wanna show or tell him/ her.

Picacha is an nice tool which allows you to take screenshots of web pages within seconds, you can take screenshot of a particular portion of the webpage and instantly uploads it and allows you to share it with your friends on social networking like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

You can share your screenshots with just one click with your friends. All you need to do is, download and install a small plugin on your computer and then whenever you need to take screenshot just click Picacha option from your taskbar.


"Zoho Sheet" Free Web Based Alternative Of Microsoft Excel

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Many times we need to make spreadsheet which contains some kind of list. You may use Microsoft Office or any such desktop client to work on it, these desktop clients are costly and heavy which increase burden on your pc.

Zoho Sheet is an web based spreadsheet program which allows you to create, manage and edit spreadsheet over the internet, Zoho sheet is very simple to use and manage, you can save your work, or can share it with your friends.

While sharing you can select whether you wanna friend to read-only or allow him/her to edit your document, means you had full control over document you had created. Now you don’t need to attach spreadsheets with your emails.


October 24, 2011

Easily Transfer Big Files Via Email For Upto 2GB For Free

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Many times we need to send big files to our friends or someone else, the most widely method which we use is email, but email attachments has a limit most email providers like Gmail and Yahoo allows you to send attachment with 25 MB file where Hotmail allows on 10 MB.

What if you wanna send big files let say of 1 GB or more, WeTransfer is a cool online service which allows you to transfer big files very easily to anyone around the world.

WeTransfer gives you transfer limit of 2 GB per transfer, means you can transfer files upto 2 GB at a time, if you want to send more files then send them on next Transfer.This is available in 9 languages means you can work on your favorite one.


Generate Customised QR Codes Online

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If anyone says QR codes then first pictures comes in your mind would be some black dots on a white surface, actually QR code is a matrix type two dimensional codes which are mainly designed for smartphones.

It’s a nice way to transfer your message to others as they just need to scan your QR codes and then they will get message on their smartphone instantly. QR Codes are becoming more and more popular day by day as as there are lots of tools which can generate QR codes for your product for free.

If you are bored with same black and white QR codes and want something new then here it is, UNITAG allows you to generate unique and colorful QR codes and its for free.


October 21, 2011

Choose The Best Smartphone For You

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Nowadays everyone wanna own a smartphone, days are over when phone is just used for making calls and sending messages to friends, but now we can do almost anything from our phone like surfing fast internet, downloading songs, or videos, check emails, chatting with friends and a lot more can be done with the help of a phone.

But featured phones are not able to do all these stuffs, they don’t offer much services to its owners, that’s why nowadays everyone wanna own a smartphone which could do lot more for its owner and let him access the best services just from his hand and its while on the move.

But its an an very tough decision to choose best smartphone for anyone, as smartphones are costlier and they are full of features and can do lots of functions some of which are not of your use, so you need to choose the best phone.


How To Design Custom Facebook Fan Page For Your Business?

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If you own a company then you must know Facebook is a very effective way to get connected with customers, every organizations creates its Fan page so that its user or customers get connected with them and receive latest updates or news from company.

To attract more users you must create a nice and decent Facebook Fan page so that more and more users come to your page, PageModo is a nice Facebook application which allows you to design your Fan page and present it in a nice layout.

PageModo allows you to design Tabs of your Facebook Fan Page which you can use as Landing page, means the tab which a user see when he/she visit your Fan Page, and the great thing is that you don’t have to get knowledge of HTML or like.


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