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December 29, 2011

An Online Tool To Watermark Your PDF Files For Free

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PDF documents are one of most used format of documents on internet, its safe and easy to carry and use, you can add images, animation, chats and graphs on your PDF files to make it more attractive, almost all eBooks are released as PDF because of its safety.

But there are many tools which can edit your PDF file and it could be harmful for you, so to protect your document you may need to put your watermark on your PDF file so that it will be protected, there are many tools which can put watermark on your PDF, but you need to install them on your computer.

PDFaid is an free online web service which allow you to add watermark on your file instantly, as this is an online service you don’t have to download or install anything on your computer, you don’t even need to register or make account to use this service, just visit this web site and start using it.


December 28, 2011

Quickly Create Favicon For Your Web Site

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If you are a webmaster then you must know the importance of favicon for your web site or blog, favicon is that icon which is placed just before your web sites or blog’s address in address bar of browser, it look nice and give a nice look to web site too.

Every web site owner use favicon for their web sites, favicon also helps to distinguish your blog with others, and this is the icon which is shown when anyone Bookmarks your website, these icon are small in size, generally 16×16 pixel but you can use 32×32 pixel to but 16×16 pixel is best one for your web site or blog.

But if you wanna create a favicon for your web site or blog then you can use any image editing tool out there, but if you don’t edit photos and don’t have a image editing tool then its not a good idea to buy and install a program just to create a favicon.


Add Extra Effects On Your Pictures

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We all love to add extra effects on our images so that we can make it more attractive so that we can make it attractive and show it to your friends on Social networking site like Facebook and Twitter and get lots of compliment on it or you can also share it with offline friends.

There are lots of software’s which can help you to edit your pics and extra effects on them but many of them are too expensive and complicated to use, Picfull is an online web service which helps you to edit, put extra effects and then instantly share it with your friends.

To use this service all you need to do is visit site and upload your picture which you wanna edit and put extra effect on it, then add effects from their library which suites your needs best, once you are done with adding effects either you can download and save it to your computer’s hard disk or can share it with friends on social networking site.


December 27, 2011

Make Fake Twitter Conversations

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Twitter is a nice way to say your thoughts to all, it allows you to write whatever is in your mind in just 140 words, sometime this seems to be a big restriction but many times it’s a fun too. Your followers can respond by sending replies to your tweets and then you can too reply to that.

It that way you made a Twitter conversation, if you are fun lover then here is something for you, FakeTweetBuilder is an nice online web service which allows you to create fake twitter conversations, you can create conversation of just anything you would like to make and type anything.

This is an free web service which requires no download or installation and its free also and you also don’t need to make any account on site to use it, so all you have to do is  just visit the site and type anything you wanna put in conversation and you are done.


Free Online Address Book With Automatic Updates

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A fast paced life with very low attention span and a hundred things to take care of pushes the maintenance of many important things on the back burner. One such thing which is often ignored until some emergency strikes is our Address Book. It calls for a lot of time and effort to keep it updated as we all agree that we live in dynamic times when people are always on the move.

eGroovy Contacts is an online service which facilitates automatic updates in your address book without any intervention or trigger from your side. As a first time user, you will have to create an address book and each of your contact will show up as small business cards. These contacts can be added either by manual entry or a faster option is to import them directly from your Google or other accounts like Yahoo or Hotmail. (more…)

December 26, 2011

Sync Your Google Docs With Your Desktop

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Its no doubt that Google Docs is a good alternative for MS Office suite pack, MS Office is a bulky and costly suite which is not suitable for those users who don’t have computer which supports MS Office hardware requirement or to those who do a little work and don’t wanna through there money for these little work.

So you can use Google Docs as it’s a cloud based system and to use it all you need a web browser and a Google Account, and then you can create Docs, Excel sheet or presentations very easily. But to use Google Docs you need to open your web browser and login each time you have to edit, delete or modify any file.

But if you don’t like to open browser for editing and looking for a simple tool then Insync is for you, it allows you to Sync your all Google Docs files with your desktops and edit, delete or create files easily without opening any web browser.


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