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January 31, 2012

Make Your Tweet Public On A Specific Date & Time

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Are going on a vacation or going to be busy for some days but don’t want to away from the touch of your Twitter followers a single day, Twitter is really a nice place which allows us to interact with our followers in a very nice and clean manner.

Many times we might be going to be busy in some of our personal work which keep us from Twitter but at the same time you don’t wanna be out of the reach of your Twitter followers, then what to do ? Well you can set a schedule for your Tweets using a web service like Twitdrip.

It allows you to pre set all your tweets which you wanna post on your timeline at different period of time. This site is available in 3 different languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Once you visit this site first you need to connect your twitter account with it.

It uses 0Auth method for connecting means your username and password are secured and doesn’t kept with any third party. Once you had connected your account, you can set time zone according to your country or region.


You can post your message, any link which you wanna post with that tweet, you can also shorten the URL on that page to get more words to write, once done with message, select the interval on which you want to post it, either you wanna post it everyday, or on a particular day.

Now select the time between which your tweet will be posted, once done with all these things click on Add Twit, and you are done with it. Your tweets will be posted at the interval and time you had defined.

You can add more tweets according to your needs, once you are back from the holiday or back to online you can visit your account on Twitdrip and then just cancel the tweets you had added.

Visit Site :- TwitDrip

January 30, 2012

Quick Sending Of Website Links & Notes Between Your PC and Any Mobile Phone

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Many times we find some useful links while surfing internet on the when we are using computer, but sometime we need to transfer or open that link link in our mobile phone, but if that link is small then you can easily type it and open it in your phone but what if it is long and complex ?

In that case you might first install your phone’s software, then use cable to transfer it, or you might use some web service in which you might have to signup first to use it, but here is a free web service which allows you to transfer links from your pc to mobile very easily.

Open2Go allows you to store not only URLs but you can also transfer notes too, to use this web service you need to open the web site in your computer and then when page is loaded type your URL in the given box and the click on button Store To Phone.


And then it will provide a short link to you, you need to open that URL in your phone and then your web page is loaded on your phone. You must keep in mind that your URL will expire in 180 seconds or you can say in 3 minutes.

You can do same with notes too, if you wanna transfer some private data between your pc and phone then you must connect your phone with computer first.

For this you have to first make a shortcut of Open2Go on your home screen, then open it and click on Setting, and note that passcode from there and then open Open2Go on your computer and then click on Connect Your Phone and paste that passcode there.

Once your phone is connected then you will not to type any short URL which you generate, it will directly transfer links or note from pc to phone. This web service works on iPhone and Android.

You can transfer notes more faster by just typing your notes and it will be transferred to your phone.

For more info view video below :-

Visit Site :- Open2Go

January 29, 2012

Record Audio, Video Message To Be Posted Facebook After Your Death

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Facebook is very much popular nowadays, almost all of us have a Facebook profile, and due to its popularity many developers has developed lots of apps for it which can make your work easy and smooth too, you can simply install them on your Facebook account.

Have you ever want to record a message that will be posted on your Facebook wall after your death or when you are no longer there to say any thing to your friends or any other. Well a Facebook app called If I Die will let you record and keep a message that will be posted on your wall when you die, message could be Video or in Text Form.

To get start using this app you need to visit the site from below link and then click on App button to install it on your Facebook Profile, it will connect your Facebook account ask for some permission just allow it and then you will be bring back to app page.


Now you will have to chose whether you wanna leave a Text message or a Video message, if you choose to go with video message then make sure you had install Adobe Flash player and when it ask for a permission to access your web cam and microphone just allow it and then record your message.

Or if you selected Text message then type down your message and then click on save, next you need to select 3 trustees from your Facebook friends, trustees will be those person who will inform app about your death.


Free Web Service To Find & Date LinkedIn Professionals

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While we are hounded with too many social networks, they are still considered just well enough for building casual acquaintances. People are sceptical about using such platforms for finding their dating partners. These networks lack the professional dimension and do not offer the privacy or security and it is natural for anyone interested in serious dating to have inhibitions.

Here is a unique first-of-its-kind lethal combination of professional and personal fronts with a new dating platform called ‘’. LinkedIn has gained acceptance across the globe as the most popular forum for professional connections. leverages on the popularity and the trust people exhibit in LinkedIn and believes that like-minded people can make serious dating requests to the chosen classy set of people. This saves you from the emotional trauma of meeting people with fake profiles and make-believe life.


January 28, 2012

PhotoPin Provides Free Photos To Use In Blog Posts For Bloggers

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If you are a blogger then you must know the importance of using photos in your blog post, as in todays era of blogging it is highly recommended to use photos in your blog post, as it not only allows your readers or visitors to understand more accurately but search engines take it seriously too and photos will help you to find a good rank in it.

But many times you may end scratching your head if you are looking for a particular kind of photo which you can easily use on your blog post, as if you just search on Google and pick up a photo and use it in your blog post then you may end with fighting a legal case.

As those images which appears on Google are not free to use and they are the part of someone, so its better to use a Creative Commons licensed photo with a link back. But finding those photos is not easy too.

PhotoPin is a nice online web service which allows you to search for CC licensed photos which you can easily use on your blog post. PhotoPin works very similar to other image search engines and you can filter your search results by using keywords and categories.


All photos which are displayed on result page are hosted on Flickr, in simple words you can say that it will search for CC licensed photos on Flickr, you will be needed to put a link back to the photo when you use them.

On search result page you will find some photos which you can buy and for them no backlink is needed from you. All deals will be done with the help of BigStockPhoto.


When you search for a photo it will display lots of them according to your keyword, when you see a photo which you wanna use then hover your mouse on it and then click on Get Photo, then it will show all thing which you need to use in your post like, HTML code for that photo, different size in which photo can be used and backlink too.

Visit Site :- PhotoPin

January 27, 2012

Scan Suspicious Virus Infected Files Online To Know If They Are Safe or Not For Your Computer

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We all use Anti Virus on our system, many of you might use free anti virus like AVG, Avira, Avast and so on, and many of you use paid like Norton 360, KasperSky, Bit Defender or like so. We use these security suites to protect our data and ourselves from online and offline threats which may harm our computer system and our important data in it.

Non of us wanna take risk of losing our important data, but using a anti virus in computer is not enough as every day new virus or threats are discovered and some anti virus company take them early and update their virus definition but some update a bit late.

So in general no anti virus suite is fully protectable, so what to do and how to know whether the file you had downloaded from internet is safe or not, well in that case you can use Jotti’s malware scanner.

Its a free online service that enables you to scan suspicious files with several anti virus programs. Scanners used are Linux versions; detection differences with Windows versions of the same scanners may occur due to implementation differences.

As it uses about 20 anti virus to scan your file then there are less chances of getting a threat in file. To use it you have to upload your file, maximum file size limit is allowed upto 25 MB, once your file is uploaded then it will scan it.

It will scan your file with Anti Virus like KasperSky, Panda, AVG, AntiVir, Eset,  Dr. Web, BitDefender, Quick Heal, F-Secure and so on.


Once scan is completed then it will shows the result which it had got from different anti virus, and in addition it also shows some additional information regarding the file like its size, its MD5 and SHA1 information’s.

It also provide you a permalink to your scanned file, which you can share with others if you wanna show that your file is clean. And this site is available in more than 16 languages.

Visit Site :- Jotti’s malware scanner

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