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February 26, 2012

Create Your Own Quizzes And Surveys For Mobiles

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Puzzles, Quizzes and Surveys have long been a thing of interest for some and a medium of marketing for many. There is no dearth of portals where you have quizzes readily available in a concise and preset format, leaving little for the imagination of the quizzer. With mobiles clinging to us 24*7, how about having quizzes made available on the mobile of your friends in your very own personalized way.

TabletQuiz allows the user to create and customize quizzes and surveys and make them interesting by even attaching illustrations and videos to the questions. These quiz that you create, is then made available on the mobile phone of all your friends or customers. It is a win-win for all the quizzing enthusiasts and the marketing guys on a look out for new customers. Also, surveys are the best way to get customer feedback on any product.


Get Free Virtual Gift Wrap For Online Presents

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Remember the good old joy of unwrapping the gift and those few moments of high adrenaline on what this gift could be. This digital world seems to have taken away that sweet little minute of anxiety and the gleam in eyes. If you think alike and have for long been thinking of how to bring back that element of surprise when you are gifting someone, here is a very innovative application which I promise will revive the fond memories of past.

GiftWhip is a web based tool which works on the theme of reinventing the art of gift giving. The concept is simple, just go online and shop for the gift that you wish to present to your loved one. As goes the normal convention, the intended recipient of the gift will receive a notification but ‘differently’ unlike the old drab notice.


February 25, 2012

Easily Share Videos, Songs, Articles, Games, Etc, With Anyone

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Many time while surfing internet or web we find some interesting articles which might be useful for use and we then bookmark then so that in future we can easily visit them and take a look on them, many time we find some articles or anything which might be useful for our friends too.

Then to share those article, news, recipes, post, images, videos and so on we just copy paste those links and then either email, send through IMs, post those link on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on where or friends can easily see them.

But emailing those links through email or sending through IMs might take time and if you wanna share those links quickly then its not a good option, if you share those links on social networking sites then you will share it all of your friends and there are some links which might wanna share with some selected ones.


View Text Only Version Of Any Website

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We all surf lots of web sites every day and while surfing those websites we lose lots of bandwidth of our, but if you are on a limited internet plan then you might think twice before going for a heavy websites, all webmaster put lots of ads on there blogs or websites because it’s the only way to earn income and run blog.

But those ads are not good for those who use slow internet connection because it will delay in load time for any website or if you are using limited plan then those ads will consume your bandwidth, So what to do? You can use a simple web service,, it let you see a text only version of any website.

TextOnly will remove all bulky images, videos and ads from the web page and deliver you a plain and easy to read text version, it loads all websites very quickly and in well manner.


February 24, 2012

Edit Your Photos Using Powerful Online Image Editing Tool For Free

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All of us share our photos with our friends who are on online social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or on any other sites, but many times before making our pics online or before uploading them on any social networking site we try to edit them and put some special effects on it so that it can look good and nice.

There are lots of professional tools available which can do this work for you but these tools are heavy and cost a lot, and free tools are not so much powerful and they often have some bugs, Picozu is a free and easy to use online web service which lets you convert your boring pic into a nice and attractive one.

It lets you upload your pic and edit them or you can create a new image or draw on the blank canvas and work on it, you can crop any of your uploaded pic, apply lots of filter, resize your image and lots more, you can work on your image unless you are fully satisfy and get what you are looking for.


iPhone/iPad App : Create 360 Degree Panoramic Images With Your Phone

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We all like to take photos of every where we visit or go, if we go on a picnic, live concert, movie or just anywhere then we many times take out our phone from our pocket and start capturing photos there, some of you might add different types of effects on photos before taking them.

If you ever wanted to take Panorama images from your iPhone or iPad then here is a nice app for you, before we start talking about app we should know what are Panorama images are, these are those photos which can be navigated in all ways, right, left, up and down to see more detailed of image. (more…)

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