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March 31, 2012

Get 10 GB Of Free Cloud Storage, Get Upgrades Up To 200 GB By Referral And Contribution

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Could storage is a very much popular thing nowadays for internet users, its quite a good thing as you will store all your files on the cloud and there is no fear of loss of data due to theft, crash of machine or such like. As your data is online so you can access it, view it and download it from any part of the world, no need to carry your data any more.

But many times selecting a cloud service we look for big storage, you can go for SkyDrive which provides 25 GB of free space or ADrive, but if you are looking for something more than Symform is for you, it provides you with upto 200 GB of free storage space.


March 30, 2012

Now Check In To A Website And Become Its King- Like Location Chekiins On FourSquare

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We all are very well aware about Foursquare where you can check-in to different places and then you will earn points for it and if you check-in many times then you will become mayor of it. It allows you to share your location or venue which you visit with your friends on Twitter or Facebook so that other will be able to know where you are.

As you are able to share your location which you visit now why not you share web site which you visit online. Chkin.At is a free online web service which allows you to check in to the web site which you visit and let your friends know which site you are visiting.


March 29, 2012

Top 3 Websites To Unlock PDF Files Restrictions And Password

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We all know that PDF files are the mostly used files on internet as they are secured, easy to use and supported by almost all platforms, Like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even it is supported by online file viewers too like Google Docs which makes its more easy and portable to share with any one on internet.

But many times we ask our friend for a file download some file from internet and we wanna get print so that we can work when we are far from our system but wont be able to do it because of restriction put on by file owner on that PDF files.

Putting restriction on PDF files is the nice way to protect them from getting illegal use but sometime we need to remove those restrictions so that we can get our work (obviously Legal work). So here are some online PDF unlocking tools :-


March 27, 2012

Top 4 Free Online Image To Text Conversion Tools

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Many times we got a scanned copy of a document which is send by some of your relative or by your friend, as you know that scanned copy will be sent as an image format, mostly it will be in JPEG format, now suppose you wanna make some changes in that document or wanna get some text or phrase from it, then what you will do?

In this case OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools will help you, As names suggest, these tools recognize the text or you can say character from any image file and gives you an text document which can be copied, and edited easily.

So here are some easy to use online OCR tools which might help you to convert your scanned image to text format :-


March 26, 2012

Best Free Ultra Light Software Programs For Windows

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Sometime we need to have some shortcuts or some useful tools which can make our work much easier and fast. If you area tech geek and know some high level language then you can create your own tool but its not the case with all, so where to find some useful tools?


March 24, 2012

Find Max Discount Price Of Mobile Phone To Buy [India]

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Mobile phones are a very important part of our life, earlier mobile phones were used to make calls but now you can do lots of things with it like send or check your mails, listen music on the go, take pictures and then share them on your social networking sites, surf internet and lots more, in total your mobile phone are almost equal to your laptop or netbook.

We usually change our phone or you can say purchase new ones very quickly as due to trends or new features in it but when you wanna purchase new phones you surely want to know its price. Stepping out of house and visiting stores to know price of each and every phone is not a good idea, so what to do?


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