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June 30, 2012

Test Health Of My Eyes Online

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We all are very curious and take care of our eyes as they are very important for all of us, you might go for routine check up of your eyes to your eyes specialist doctor and he will in return provide you a long bill, what if you can check your eyes by just sitting in front of your computer screen and you need not to pay anything for it.

ThinkQuest has released an online eye testing exam which allows you to know how correct your eyes were and if you find any problem with your eyes then it will also tells you its solution too.


June 29, 2012

4 Ways To Effectively Search Old Tweets

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There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most used Social Networking site which allows you to share whatever is in your mind in just 140 words. It has lots of users and many new users are signing up  on the daily basis.

Using Twitter you can not only share your text but can share videos, images and even links by shortening them so that they wont take much space. But many times we need to search something which we had seen in past or we had posted in our timeline sometime back.

Here are some useful online tools which allows you to make a search for older tweets in Twitter :-


June 28, 2012

3 Services To Test Your Internet or Cyber Security or Privacy

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We all use internet for our day to day work, in todays fast moving life we need internet almost every time, internet has made our life simple and fast. You can pay bills, book movie or travelling tickets by just sitting in your home, but using internet is not safe too.

There are lots of threats on web which can affect you and can hurt you a lot. We always need to be alert when we are using internet because if you don’t take secure steps then you will loss important data and can suffer in big terms.

Here are some online tools which can be used to verify your online security and what you are giving for internet usage :-


June 27, 2012

Create Visual Resume On Internet For Free

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Resume is the very important tool for every one who is going to face interview soon, Your resume should be classy, well designed and should reflect you original state like what you had done, how much you had studied, what’s your work experience,what are your strength and weaknesses and so on.

So creating a good resume is very important so that when interviewer see your resume it catches his eye and it should look good to him in first look. If your resume look good then it will be beneficial for you and you will get a plus point there.


June 22, 2012

Block Unwanted Email Subscriptions Easily

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If you are using Internet from a long period of time then you might had subscribe to many websites who send newsletters on daily basis and you might never open those mails and just delete them directly, but you might miss out important mails due those unwanted email subscription.

If you too facing the above problem and looking for a simple solution then here is an online web service, UnRoll.Me, for you, it allows you to unsubscribe from any unwanted newsletter. If you had a account on Gmail, including Google Apps or Yahoo then you can use this service.


June 21, 2012

Order Foods Online In Delhi’s Restaurant and Get Home Delivery

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I know many of you are foodie and love to try different type of flavors, I too like to taste different everyday but I don’t like to get out of home and personally visit any Restaurant or hotel and have food there, well I am a little bit lazy person.

And this Internet has made me more lazy, nowadays you can do anything by just sitting next to your computer, If your mom or wife is away from home and you don’t wanna enter into kitchen and start cooking and you are lazy too to step out of your home to pick some good food for you then here is a simple solution for you.


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