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July 31, 2012

4 Ways To Find Website Admin Personal Details

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Sometime we need to know the every details of a website, like who own it, which hosting server is being used by this web site and what is the email address of Admin. When you purchase any domain or hosting server then all your contact information is putted into a public directory.

Well you might need these information is different cases like you own a blog and found that any other blog has wrongfully published your contents without giving proper credit to you.So in this case you need WHOIS information of that blog as you need to contact blog owner and web hosting provider too. Here are some online tools which allows you to find out WHOIS information about any website.


July 28, 2012

Easiest Way To Post Videos to Twitter

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Twitter is where the world is! A lot of thoughts, data and pictures get shared on Twitter by just about everyone. If you wish to make a natural progression and post videos over Twitter which you recorded over a long beach holiday or at the cradle ceremony of your little bundle of joy, here is an application which can come handy.

Frtr is a web-based utility which can help you post any recorded video to your Twitter account. Sounds interesting, but you fear that it will all be too tough and muddled up. Just go to the website and sign up with your Twitter account credentials. As a security measure, they always ask the user to authorize the tool to access your personal information and to get connected to your Twitter account. Once you authorize, you transform your Twitter account to a video message platform.


July 27, 2012

Know Your Most Retweeted And Popular Tweets

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Twitter is one of the most popular and main source of contact, most the guys whether they are politicians or business persons or just normal guys, are using it to say their words with the world. And the trends on Twitter go on fire very quickly that’s why its one of the main source of saying your words with world.


July 26, 2012

Order Food Online From Over 280 Delhi Restraunts

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We all love to eat food from outside, and when we wanna have food from our favorite restaurant we just pick up our phone, dial phone number and book the food. But some times we just lost phone number or we wanna try something new and order food from another restaurant.

Well if you are in this case so you might search for the restaurants which provides food you looking for, Well here is an nice web service which allows you to order food from almost all restaurant out there in Delhi, sorry guys this web service is only for Delhi.


July 25, 2012

Save Website Page As Image On Your PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet

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Many times we need to take a full page screen shot of a web page due to any reason like you wanna show your friend how a page might be looking or you are working on a project and need to generate a screen shot, you can get screen shot by just pressing Print Screen button on your keyboard it wont generate full page screenshot.

There are lots of software’s available which can generate screenshot for you, but to use them you need to purchase them and then install it on your computer and after that you can use it, but what if you are using a public computer, you don’t wanna install software on it.


July 24, 2012

Get To Know How Does Search Engine See Your Website

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Many times you work hard to build your webpage, put fresh and good material and do almost whatever you could do but still you wont get good traffic from search engines and getting good ranking. The reason could be anything but most frequent reason can be that you are using lots of JavaScripts or Flash on your website which a Search Engine bot not crawling.

Search Engine uses a bot software which crawl the pages on web like Google uses GoogleBot, in actual bot is a software which collects documents and information from the web to build a index on which user can perform search easily.


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