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July 18, 2012

4 Tools Which Tell You Public Reach Of Your Twitter Account

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Twitter is one of the most used social networking site on internet today, you can post your feeling, get latest happening on the world, get news from your favorite actor, sportsman and so on. But have you want to collect and analyze the data from twitter to know something or just for fun?

If you had tried or want to collect data from your account or just from Twitter so that you can get some information like what’s is trend on Twitter or what users are doing, which section the following and so on then you can use following online tools which are free :-


TweetStats is one of the most used tool by Twitter analyst to know the trend which is currently trending on twitter. The site has a simple interface and nice data which inform you about the latest happening on the twitter.

If you wanna know about the latest trends on twitter then just visit the site from below link and then at the top-right corner you find an option of Trends, click on it and it will the latest trend which is on, at the  top you will find 2 graphs.


One graph shows the latest trending on twitter and other will shows the top 10 trend of the day, from this you will know what twitter users were talking and discussing on.

Below it you will find lots of trends, some of them are in bold and some are in light color, light color shows the latest trend and bold one shows the older, so as bold is the trend as old it is.


And at the bottom of that page you will see the top 50 trends of all time used on Twitter by its users. Just hover your mouse on it and you will see how old is it.


If you wanna analyze any individuals account then you just need to enter his/ her username on the site and it will fetch data, it might take some time to fetch it, once data is ready you can view.


It will show your tweets in year and month, average daily tweets from you, average tweets per hour, most replies made by you and to whom, which interface or software you had used to tweet and whom tweets you had ReTweeted most.

It can also shows which word you had used most while making tweets on twitter, and which Hash tag is used by you mostly. Just hover your mouse over the hash tag or words to know how any times you had used it.


Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- TweetStats

Tweet Grader

Tweet Grader is an site which has simple web interface and allows you to do more than just traditional analyzing. In this site you just need to enter the username of any individual whom account you wanna analyze, it wont ask you to sign-in or authorize your Twitter account with to  use this service.

Once you enter the username of the individual it will generate reports within few seconds :-


On the result page you will find some very interesting information about the account, like what is his rank in Twitter, when this account is made up and you can also generate or compare this account with other account too.

This site also allows you to find out who is the most twitting brand, men, or women on Twitter, you can also sees who tweets you more, get badge for your website and lots more can be done on this site.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Rating :- Tweet Grader

Mirror Lab Metrics

If you want to see a nice visual analysis of your tweets and your followers then you can give a try to Metrics app developed by Mirror.Me. You need to connect you Twitter account with it so that it can fetch data from your account .

Once it fetch data from your account you will be able to see to see details in bar diagram and in pie chart it shows demographic details. In bar type you will be able to find our what are the top interest topics of  your and of your friends.


You will be able to know what are the top trends on twitter at current time and how many people are following that topic. It also shows an reflection page of user in which you will be able to know on what topic you tweet most.

Just click on any of that topic and you will be able to see who are the other people using same topic on twitter. It also shows the interest topics on the side bar, just click on them and find out who are the people using that topic and tweeting with it.


Rating :- 3/5

Visit Site :- Mirror Metrics

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is another web service which let you analyze Twitter account of any one and its without connecting your Twitter account with it. You just need to visit the web site and enter the username of person which account you wanna analyze.

Once you enter the username site will load a graphical interface in which it shows how much its followers were increased or decreased. These information can be filter out by Weekly, Monthly, 3 Monthly or 6 Month (required sign-in). You can analyzed Followers, Following users, Tweets and mixers of all these. You can save those graphs in you computer by downloading them or embed them on your web page.


This service also allows you to compare upto 3 accounts with each other, you will see all results in graph which allows you to understand more easily.


Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Twitter Counter

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