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July 31, 2012

4 Ways To Find Website Admin Personal Details

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Sometime we need to know the every details of a website, like who own it, which hosting server is being used by this web site and what is the email address of Admin. When you purchase any domain or hosting server then all your contact information is putted into a public directory.

Well you might need these information is different cases like you own a blog and found that any other blog has wrongfully published your contents without giving proper credit to you.So in this case you need WHOIS information of that blog as you need to contact blog owner and web hosting provider too. Here are some online tools which allows you to find out WHOIS information about any website.


Whois.Com is one of the first choice of anyone who wanna perform lookup for any website, this website has very simple interface and all you need to do is just provide URL or address of that web site which information is required by.


Here information is divided into 2 sections, Information regarding Registry of site and another of Registrar. In upper section you will find information like who has registered the site, what is the DNS address or Name Server of site, when this domain is purchased and when its going to expire.

Now below you will see information regarding the owner of site, you will find his name, address, phone number and email address provided by him. When you make any search it will also shows similar available domains which you can buy, because some make Whois search because they wanna see when a particular domain expires and they can buy it.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Whois.Com


This site is quite useful when you don’t remember the domain level of that site which Whois you wanna know. Suppose you visited this site, SitesToUse.Com, as this site is on Company Domain (.Com) but you forget this and still wanna know whois or you wanna search for all sites using a keyword.

This site allows you to look or search Whois information of sites using URL of site or using keywords search. Just enter all possible keywords and then it will show all possible search which meets your criteria.


On Whois page it will show similar sites and you can see there whois too. On that page it only shows information regarding website only, you wont find any information regarding website owner. This site also comes with some more useful tools like

  • Expired domains :- Here you can find the information about the domains which meets your search and has been expired recently.
  • Web And SEO Tools :- Here you will find some good tolls to use for free, like you can check alexa rank, compare alexa rank, analyze traffic to site, ping IP address, IP lookup, HTML, CSS validator and so on.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Whois.Net


Is you wanna get a detail information regarding the website then you will love this site. On Who.Is you will find information has been nicely categorized. This site do supports lots of Flash and Java ads so it might eat your bandwidth so use it carefully.


In this site different information is putted under different tabs, Like under Whois tab you will see basic information like Registrar, Server names, IP address, Server Type, Alexa Rank and its trend and so on.

Under Archived section, you will find how the sites is updated, when it was renewed, when hosting server was change (if any) and so on details. Here you will find information cached by site over the years.

Under Information Tab you will find all of its Alexa traffic details, like whst’s its Alexa rank 3 months ago, 1 month or 7 days ago, how much its changed, how many page views has been changed, its going up or down and so on.

Under DNS Records tab you will see detail information about the DNS records, IP address, Name servers, and SOA Records details.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- Who.Is

Geek Tools Whois

If you are looking for an very simple, ads less tool which load faster and wont eat-up your bandwidth then you can use this tool. This tool is very simple and has no ads, or sometime ad appear on bottom but its an text ad so wont affect, so if you are on low network then you can use it.

It provide every detail information about the site. Here you will be able to see all information regarding site and Registrar of the site. You will find an information on this site which is rarely found on any other site, it all sites provide expiry date but this site also provide time when it gonna expires too.


Overall I love the interface and information provided by them, They also provide traceroute and some softwares which you can use on your system.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- Geek Tools Whois

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