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September 10, 2012

4 Web Tools To Make Twitter Account Empty By Deleting All Previous Tweets

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Twitter is an nice place to share what’s is in your mind, many people share lots of things on it, some share business related news, and some of you might share your personal life details. But after some time you might realize that you had made mistake by sharing those personal stuffs on this popular micro blogging site.

You can delete those tweet by pressing Delete button but if you had lots of tweets then you are in trouble. You might think of deleting account but no need for it as here are some online tools which allows you to delete your tweets very easily.

Delete All My Tweets

Its an free to use webs service which allows you to delete your tweets from your account in one go. This app can delete tweets from your account in 3 simple steps. This app can delete up to 1000 tweets in one go.

To use this app you need to sign in using your twitter account, it uses 0Auth system for connecting, means your twitter account details are not shared with anyone. Once you are signed in, it will ask your confirmation to delete your tweets.


Keep in mind that one you confirmed it to delete tweets, it will delete your tweets and there is no way back, you can restore your tweets at all. At once it delete 1000 tweets, if you need to delete more tweets then simply repeat the process until you get your desired result.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Delete All My Tweets

Tweet Eraser

If you wanna delete tweets by searching them then Tweet Eraser is best place. Tweet Eraser allows you to apply filters so that you can search tweets of a particular Hash Tag or Text, This not only allows you to delete your tweets but using Tweet Eraser you can delete your DM or Direct Message too.

This too uses OAuth system to verify your account, once your account is verified you will see a nice interface on which you can apply filters like where you wanna search, on your Timeline or DM, You can search for Hash Tag too.


Another nice option which it provides is that you can search for tweets for a specific time period. If you had used lots of hash tag on your tweets then this is the one tool which you should use.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- Tweet Eraser

Delete My Tweets

The interface of this site is quite minimal and simple, just authorize app and you will see a list of your tweets, you can select multiple tweets to delete them. This is quite nice feature as now you can delete particular tweets.


Here you cant make any search or so, On its interface you can check which tweets you have to delete. Site is full of ads which makes it slow to work. When you select to delete your tweets it sends request to twitter and add it to a list so you might not see tweets deleted.

It also says your twitter Bio in which it shows your tweets, followers and following and number of tweets and much more.

Rating :- 3/5

Visit Site :- Delete My Tweets


Tweet Delete is a nice web service which allows you to delete tweets older then a specific time period. Tweet Delete automatically deletes posts older than a specified age from your Twitter feed. You just need to tell him how older tweets you wanna delete.


Tweet Delete can delete upto 3200 tweets at one time, You can delete tweets older then 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 months, 3 months, 6 month and 1 year. Keep in mind that once you click on Activate Tweet Delete then your tweets will be deleted permanently and you cant get them back in any case.

It uses OAuth to verify your account, once you verify your account then you can deletes your tweets using this web app. Interface it quite clean and minimal. This web app has no ads which makes it fast too. If you are deleting tweets then you have to be careful as it has already put tick mark on some options like Follow TweetDelete on Twitter and Notify your friend about this app, if you don’t want then uncheck them before your proceed.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site ;- Tweet Delete


Till now we had seen web apps that allows you to delete tweets upto a limit like 3200 tweets or 1k tweets, if you had lots of tweets on your account then you might had to repeat the process again and again.

TwitWipe is a nice service if you wanna delete all your tweets in one go. No matter ow many tweets are there in your account TwitWipe will delete them in one go.

To use this app you need to connect your account with it, once you had authorized it to access your twitter account then click on Start Wiping.


The website has lots of apps which makes it slow. And if you want to delete tweets instantly then this is not for you. As per site you might have to wait over a night to delete your tweets. If any thing went wrong or connection lost then you can again visit and start right from where you left.

Rating :- 4.5/5

Visit Site :- TwitWipe

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