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February 26, 2011

How To Remove Unwanted Sections From A Web Page Before Printing?

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Printing a web page without ads and pictures is no more a tough job. Here we are showcasing you some free web application which helps you to get rid from ads while going to print a webpage. These days webpages comes with lots of unwanted ads on them.  While going to print a webpage we prefer not to get unwanted ads and pictures along with the required information. Let me introduce you some software’s available which can easily remove unwanted part of the webpage for the printing purpose.

Print What You Like

This is free web application which help you remove ads from the web pages those you intend to print. This is a very easy and helpful application which removes the ad blocks in one click. No technical knowledge required to setup the application. The application intelligently strips ad block without removing any other section of the web page.

Features of Print what You Like:

  • It removes the non desired background in a single click
  • It removes ad images from the page that needs to be printed.
  • Change the font size of the text to make the page more readable.
  • Webpage can be converted to PDF file.


Green Print

Green Print is yet another free ad removing software. You can install this software on your desktop as one of the printer options. The application is very user friendly and this application helps to make the printing process environment friendly. When you will print page using this software, it will highlight the sections on the webpage that can be removed.

Features Of Green Print

  • Makes it easy to eliminate unwanted pages before they are printed
  • Analyzes and highlights pages with typical waste characteristics
  • Easily Remove images before printing to save ink and toner
  • One click PDF creation makes it easy to save web pages instead of printing
  • Tracks pages, trees and money saved


The Printliminator

The Printliminator is another software to allow you to remove unwanted ads and unwanted sections from the webpage before you print them. This ad removing software is free to download. This is very interesting application which let you select the section which you do not want to include in your print and remove the same with a single click. When the application is active it will show the removable images, texts and graphics as highlighted by red. Just drag the mouse anywhere on the page and it will show you the removable blocks at that place.


HP Smart Web Printing

HP smart web printing is a free plug in for your browser. You don’t need to install any software, it will be available on your tool to be used whenever required. This tool enables you to print quick web pages without any hassle.

Using this plug in involves very easy steps

  • Open the clip book- the plug in rest on your toolbar like a clip. For activating the clip, just press the clip book on the right corner of the browser.
  • Click the select button- once you have activate the plug in, you can make selection on the page that you want to print. Select in the form of text box selecting as much text, images and graphics on the page.
  • Than click left corner of the selection box. You can move the box by click on the left corner of the text box and than press Clip tab. You will print only your selected area and avoiding unwanted images and text that you do not want.


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