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August 10, 2009 – Free Stats For Your Website

99stats is a web site that provides the web service of getting all the stats you need for your Website or blog. This service is quick, easy and absolutely free. This service can be easily availed by doing the 3 easy steps i.e. sign up, insert code and finally you will get all the stats you need. 99Stats is FREE and super easy!

Also there are many other services which this site provides like,

1. Check how many Visitors came to Your Website
2. Check which Keywords Your Visitors entered to come to Your Website
3. Check which of Your Web site’s Pages are the most popular
4. Check which Countries Your Visitors came from, which Browsers They used and much more…

Thus now you can easily answer Why Join 99Stats.

This service also provide an additional feature known as 99 Widgets. 99Widgets is a Widgets Network, a provider of web ware and social platform services. It provides the ability to easily create, customize embed and share web tools into your webpage, blog and social media profile. Using the set of Widgets, small and medium sized content providers are able to monetize services that they were unable to serve before, the set of Widgets allow people all over the world to be entertained and interact with others online. Some widgets are as following:

1. 99Stats – Analyze your Web Traffic
2. 99Polls – Create a Flash Web Poll
3. 99Counters – Create a Flash Web Counter
4. 99Chats – Create a Flash Chat Room

These all features can really help you to improve your blog or web site very easily and thus make it more popular. Thus, use 99stats to spot trends and create fresh content that will attract more readers to your Website or Blog. Gain rich insights into your website traffic so that you can optimize your marketing effectiveness.


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