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August 23, 2011

A New Search Engine With Exciting Features

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Nowadays we do search for almost everything, from news to street maps everything is there on internet and we too search for them, to search these we hit Search engines, Google is one of the favorite search engine among users, Microsoft’s Bing is another good, results of both search engines differ.

If you wanna do search in a new way and wanted to get all search things like, Images, News, Web search and other stuffs in one page then SearchLion is a nice search engine for you.

SearchLion has got many features and it saves lots of time which you spend while doing search, It has a nice feature which is called Search Browsing, while doing search you get lots of results and to check best one you open lost of tabs on your browser which put load on your memory and makes pc slow.

Search Browsing allows you to look the website without leaving the search page, At the end of each results you will see a button saying Open, just click on it and it will open a small window inside the current search result tab and you can check the website without leaving page.


You can open as many as windows of search results as you want and then you can easily browse all of them by just clicking on the page name,you can also set the width and height of preview window.

You can also browse your open websites simultaneously by clicking “LionV” on the top right of the LionWindow. This will arrange and present all your chosen websites on the screen at the same time. Of course you can maximize each one.

On the same page of search result you can also get results for Images, News, Videos and so on, just click on it at the top right corner of window and the result will be shown to you on the same page.

SearchLion also allows you to search your search so that in future you can directly look on the results rather than making search again, It also allows you to share your search with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Its good because if you find anything interesting while making search then you can directly tell about it to your friends on Facebook and Twitter very easily.

You can also select the search platform, by default SerachLion shows Google results but you can change it to Bing Or Yahoo by just clicking on Option and then select your search platform.

Visit Site :- SearchLion

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