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December 23, 2011

A Simple Tool To Send Group Email Easily

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Many times we need to send a single email to bunch of people, you can easily add lots of people via using CC and Bcc field in your email service, but if you send lots of emails to same number of people then some time you might miss someone and he wont get your email.

To overcome this problem you can use a simple online web service, eMialDodo, it allows you to create groups to which you wanna send email, add all people in those groups and then you can easily send email to those guys very easily.

Your friends can reply to you on the same email address too, you don’t have to worry about mistyping or such problem while sending a group email. You can create a upto 10 groups in your account and in each group you can add upto 50 Members in it.

You need to join eMailDodo and once you had your account in you can create groups and manage them, You can send email containing any question, message or anything to that group email and then that mail will be send to all those members who are in that group. All group email address are easy to remember and it will allow you to quickly send emails.


You can also send a “Question” to a group. You send a Question by starting the subject in your email with a “Q “, All members in the group will receive and email with your Question accompanied by three answer buttons YES, NO, MAYBE. Who answered what can easily be traced with the See Votes button.

All member can easily reply to the group email and the don’t have worry regarding manually selecting all members, You can also install mobile app of eMailDodo on your iOS device or Android phone and you can send SMS/Text messages, eMails and Questions to your group. And you always have all your friends data at hand.

eMailDodo is a nice and easy way to send group emails to your friends and get reply from them too.

Visit Site :- eMailDodo

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