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December 8, 2011

A Unique Social Scheduling Engine To Automate Your Social Media Life

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We all get work scheduled so that we can work on time and scheduling of work puts high productivity, getting our work done on time encourage us for next work and it also put motivation in us which results in better and timely work.

I also scheduled my blogs and college work so that I can manage my online and offline work in time, but its other story I always miss them, but making schedule for our work is a ice idea and important too.

As life is getting online day by day, there are lots of events on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but we remember very few of them and always miss them and after even t is held some of our friend remind us about it.

FeedCal is an easy to use web app which allows you to get your social media events scheduled in a nice way.It an free web service which pulls events from your Facebook and Twitter feed and sync them with your Google calendar.


Their unique social scheduling engine goes through all of your social feeds and analyzes them for events. If any matches are found, they are synced directly to you calendar.

You can make your account using your Google account, once you had your account on it you can add your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and then it will pull all events and put them on your Google calendar so that you don’t miss any event in future.

FeedCal integrates with your Google Calendar seamlessly so you won’t have to make any changes. Facebook and Twitter events will automatically be put on your calendar just like normal events, so all you have to do is follow your schedule.

FeedCal will timely check for any new events on your social media account and as it find any new event then it will be added to your Google calendar.

Visit Site :- FeedCal

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