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March 5, 2011

Manage Multiple Email & Social Networking Accounts From One Place

My work e-mail is on Gmail, my personal e-mail is on Yahoo!. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Wow! life is becoming complex and fast paced on the web too. Users have multiple e-mail accounts for different purposes and have accounts on almost every popular social networking site. But sometimes multiple e-mail accounts are necessary.

We can’t do anything about it but keep a check on every incoming e-mail to our ‘Inboxes’. What can we do to make it simpler? Can’t we have just one client from where we can view all our e-mail accounts? Or one place to socialize with the entire world? Well, there is a solution, and the solution is It is a newly developed and launched web site, which helps users to access multiple accounts (be it Yahoo!, Gmail or even AOL). With we are flexible enough to even interact with the entire world. We can post our pics, images, videos etc. on our profile and even link Facebook and Twitter accounts to our mumeye account.

Mumeye has an in-built language translator. So users can convert a page which is originally in French to English (and vice-versa) by just a single click. What does this mean? This means that you can communicate with any person in the world irrespective of the fact that they know your language or not. To become a member at mumeye you don’t need to pay up. It’s free and simple and requires simple sign-up providing your username, password, country, state etc.

After successful sign-up, users can import their contacts from various other service providers (which they are already using) and thus, forget about adding all your contacts to mumeye again. Its like the mobile number portability which will help you to stay connected with your contacts even when you have changed your e-mail service provider. With mumeye, you can really enjoy all the features of a social networking site. With a white board option, users can write their ‘moods’ and ‘tweets’ and other updates and share with the whole world, that too, in any which language preferred. What more? users can also choose the country where they want their update to be displayed. With so much to offer, is one site to watch out for.

The web site is currently in beta form and still in the process of development. Users from India will find it a bit difficult to register because the ‘Select State’ option for ‘India’ is empty ( that is, no state is displayed to choose from). But this problem is not here for long. As mentioned, mumeye is still under development and in beta form, so few features will be added shortly. All in all, we highly recommend the use of And don’t for get to drop in your experiences while using

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