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March 3, 2011

Access Popular Networking Sites From Your Email Without Using Proxy

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Wouldn’t it be great to access all the web sites directly from your inbox? How about accessing your favorite social networking sites right under your boss’ nose and he doesn’t even get a hint of it (hey! we’re not promoting leisure and networking activities online while at work). If the idea itself excites you, then read more to know more about this latest service. is a free to use service (currently in beta form), that allows users to access the web and share images online with friends and family directly from your inbox. here’s how it works. Open your inbox and send an e-mail to’s client requesting for a service. A few seconds later, an e-mail is sent to you by Flexamail providing you the link for the service you requested and all the necessary attachments.

How To Use? is easy and simple to use. For example:-

  • Image Sharing: Right click on the photo which you want to share. Go to “Send To” then “Mail Recipient” and type the e-mail recipient as Users can password protect the images and even set the desired size.
  • Surfing the Web: Sending of an e-mail (from your inbox) is required. The e-mail recipient should be and the subject should be the name of the web site (eg. subjects can be, etc.)
  • Accessing Facebook: Send e-mail to with no subject. Shortly, you will receive latest updates from your friends and also updates from your wall.
  • Accessing Twitter: Again send an e-mail to with no subject. A few seconds or minutes later you will receive all the tweets from your friends, latest comments on your tweets and you can also send retweets.

For knowing more, click here.

Features Of Flexamail

  • Access popular networking sites like Twitter and Facebook all from your email without using proxy
  • Access websites and services regardless to your office or country’s firewall settings
  • Post, share and track any type of files and images online
  • Password protect files
  • Securely backup your files online
  • Save money on your cellphone plan with an email only data plan
  • Publish a photo from your iPhone or Blackberry without using any application
  • Stay organized with sortable, sharable, drag and drop lists

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