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June 21, 2011

Add Cool New Facebook Smileys To Your Facebook Chat For Free

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Facebook has become a really important part of our lives these days. The reason being that this generation needs to have some or the other amount of computers in order to get a good job. Due to this, all the users learn computers for their work but some or the other time they end up having fun on it.

Now most of the work in our offices is being done on computers so normally people are bound to sit on computers even if they don’t want to do it. In order to take some time out in their otherwise boring life people resort to social networking websites such as Facebook. Now these websites not only let people get some time out but they also help users to connect to their friend and relatives whom they otherwise are not able to keep in touch due to their busy schedule.

Therefore Facebook has come as a savior for all those people who usually got a lot of complaints from their relatives and friends that they have become really busy and they don’t bother to check on relationships that they have with the different people. Facebook has a lot of features that help users to stay in touch with all the friends that they have as Facebook friends. Also the procedure is really easy and even if a person is able to log on to Facebook for once a day he can get all the information about what is happening in his or her friend circle.

So lets come to the point and tell you the reason why we are writing this post, We are here to talk about the Facebook chat feature that allows users to chat simultaneously to one or more users at a time who are using Facebook. Now since we all know that the current generation believes in keeping things simple, thus they invented their own language known as text language. This was invented to cut short all the long words like later and fine to small symbols like l8r and f9. Even this was not enough and then came emoticons which enables a chat user to depict a whole mood or a felling with a single click of a button . What it does is it sends the other user a smiley of the required mood which saves a lot of time. So what if we can offer you an application that could enable you to add hundreds of extra Facebook emoticons. Emoinstaller integrates into your Facebook and lets you choose from a large number of Facebook chat emoticons whilst you chat.

Considering that there are 1 billion messages that are sent on Facebook each day, we can imagine how popular Facebook chat has become and how easy this little tool can make things for you.

Here are some of the features that this tool has to offer :

  • Emoinstaller lets you add cool Facebook smileys to your messages.
  • Cool unseen emoticons are set to make you popular between you friends.
  • Big animated emoticons are eye catching
  • Multi browser support makes sure that your browser will be able to support the emoticons.

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