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February 22, 2012

Add Social Angle To Your Phone Ringtone

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Facebook has become the unrivalled social network which is influencing our lives in more than one way. Myriad applications have evolved around Facebook and needless to say, people are hooked to them as well. We have dug out one very innovative application which will turn those clichéd long and sometimes drab calls with long lost friends a lot more fun.

A phone call with a social twist is what is in offering for you from Facetones!!  This new application gives a face to your phone ringtones in conjunction with your favorite Facebook. Let’s get to what this new app is all about. We all agree that that smartphones these days are used more extensively to login to Facebook rather than phone calls. Facetones is an Android based service which facilitates the playing of a slideshow of your friends’ recent photos on Facebook whenever you have any conversation with them on phone.

Here is a bit of company details for the interested folks. This service has been built by Verizon and the application which synchronizes your phone’s contact list with that available on Facebook is created by Vringo. It is available for all the smartphones like Android smartphone, HTC ThunderBolt, and LG Revolution to name a few. A weekly check is performed by the application to keep you updated with the latest pictures of all your friends.

So, for all those people who are dead tired of just ringtones and need some visual fun as well with a video, facetones is the answer. A small amount of $0.99 per month in addition to a one-time $2.99 purchase fee will give you a new personalized feel. This service indeed has a long way to go!


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