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November 29, 2010

Convert Photo To An Animated GIF By Adding Special Effects

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If you love to add effects to you images, specially something which is animated like Glitters, then you have selected a very nice article to read. As mentioned in the heading I will be telling you about a website which will help you to add certain animated effects on your image files. There is not a fixed effect but there is certain collection which can be used by you in your image files. You can call this site as Glitterboo and now please let me take you through this website.


As you can see thy snapshot mentioned above, this is the snapshot of the front page of that website (All purple, 😉 they tried their best to attract Girls ;)). You can see that there are several designs mentioned on the front page whether you want to go for an animated design or an unanimated design, you can see the collection to select any of them. On the very top you can find that there is an option to start, click on it if you want to go for adding any effect on your image.


As soon as you click on that link and start with adding the effects, you will be directed to another page mentioned in the snapshot shown above. Now let me tell you that this site will offer you more designs and effects once you sign up for it but then signing-up is not free, they will charge you around 10$ per year. You can select the image from your desktop or you give the link of that image as an URL. After selecting the effect you can click the demo button which will let you see your image after the effects have been added there.

This site will be helpful for those who are especially interested in making their images, beautiful and then adding it their collection. So, go for using this website and then let us know about your experience. If you face any problem or if you discover anything new while surfing the website then please let us know about that problem by putting it in the comments section, if we found that issue to be a genuine problem or information then we will let all the readers know about that information on your behalf or else we might help you to resolve that problem as we have already explored the website. So keep reading, take care of yourself and have a nice day!!!

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