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February 9, 2011

Change Facebook Privacy Settings To Keep Your Personal Information Secure

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As we all know, Facebook is the great service which is nearly used by everyone across the world. This social networking site help you to reconnect with dozens of people you lost contact with. People share lots of personal information, pictures and more on there Facebook account to share the same with there friends but sharing personal information on a social networking site may not be safe.

But it doesn’t mean you should stop using these sites, but better have a complete knowledge about the privacy settings which can hide your data from known ones. Facebook has detailed privacy settings which helps you to keep all your data secure. Here we are showcasing you some essential Privacy settings you must follow.

  1. Sharing on Facebook

Go to ‘Account’ –>  select ‘Privacy Settings’ from the drop down –> Sharing on Facebook

Here you can decide which content you want to share with whom and make your privacy settings accordingly. You have option to share your content with ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends of Friends’ or ‘Friends only’. If you want you can customize your privacy settings also.


2. Photos

Go to ‘Account’ –> select ‘Privacy Settings’ –> Sharing on Facebook –> Click on ‘Customize Settings’ link –> Click on ‘Edit album privacy’ under Things I share –> Photos

If you want to apply settings on your existing photos you can do the same by using Facebook privacy settings. With this setting, you can also change the privacy policy of your old albums.


3. Checking In to Places

Go to ‘Account’ –> select ‘Privacy Settings’ –> Sharing on Facebook –> Click on ‘Customize Settings’ link –> ‘Edit Settings’ for Friends can check me in to places under Things Others share.

Another setting under Sharing on Facebook which can be very important, as it lets your friends check you in to Places.


4. Connecting on Facebook

Go to ‘Account’ –> select ‘Privacy Settings’ –> ‘Connecting on Facebook’

These settings are related to your personal data of your profile, connecting on Facebook basically means sharing information about you: Your photo, gender, age, education, hometown etc. You can also determine how people can find you on Facebook and some other basic settings related to sending friends request, send messages, your friends list and more.


5. Apps You Use

Go to ‘Account’ –> select ‘Privacy Settings’ –>  Click ‘Edit your Settings’ under Apps and Websites –> Apps you use

On Facebook, by default applications have access to your friends list and any information you choose to share with everyone. You can change what you share with apps using these settings. You can edit or remove the privacy setting for each of these applications from one place.


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