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September 22, 2010

Age Of Empires Free Game Play Online

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Well, most of are huge fans of this game which goes by the name of “Age of Empires” (Or have been a fan of this game at some point of time in our lives). It’s back, and this time it’s online. Developed by Robot Entertainment and Microsoft Games Studios, Age Of Empires Online invites players from all across the world to come and play against friendly rivals and share with friends and family. It is certainly the next step in gaming.

Currently, the beta is available and running, however, the full version will be launched with Windows LIVE sometime in 2011. The game is compatible with XP, Vista and their latest cousin, the Windows 7. It will be available for download and players can play online with real time friendly rivals.

Key Features of Age of Empires Online

  • Classic Age of Empires Gameplay: Experience the familiar game play that made the franchise successful, with an updated art style and uplifting tone. Revisit the classic game elements of empire creation and resource management in a vibrant historical setting
  • New Social Experiences: Discover new social experiences within the game, including live chat, gifting and trading of content and cooperative multiplayer quests
  • A Constantly Growing Online Empire: Dive into a continually evolving online world where new content, civilizations, and quests are introduced
  • Games for Windows – LIVE Integration
  • Available in English, German, French, Italian & Spanish

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About, provides you with a great new experience. It integrates the thrill of gaming with the excitement of social media. Various other features have also been added.

How is helpful?

Age of Empires has a cult following. Now that it is coming online (with no option of offline gaming), it will be exciting to see if it can match up to the standards set by its predecessors. For the beta version, players have to sign-up first to get started.

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