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August 29, 2009 – Alternative Uses For Everyday Products

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Alt Use is a web site that acts as a worldwide repository of alternative uses to extend the utility of everyday products. In an age of financial hardship, perilous climate change, and overflowing landfills, it offers a smart, comprehensive system to tap into the collective intellectual capital of the planet in order to discover and share valuable recycle and reuse strategies. It enables site visitors to save money, and to help save the environment, by putting their stuff to work in new ways.

It also offers a catalyst for change in the business world by challenging the notion of marketing products for one specific purpose. It seek to increase manufacturing efficiency and product quality, while cutting down on unnecessary waste. It will facilitate sharing of alternative use information to help consumers save money, minimize waste and maximize product value.

Simply register, log in, then identify the Alt Use on which you desire to vote. You must weigh-in on three categories in order for your vote to count: it uses assessment, which rates whether or not the Alt Use worked; Ease of transformation, which rates the relative ease of converting a product to the Alt Use; and the Value/savings derived from the Alt Use. Note that you may only vote once per Alt Use.

You must first register at this site to upload content. After you’ve registered and signed in, click on Submit , displayed on most pages. Select a use from the drop down menu. If you do not see the appropriate use for your submission, click on the plus sign (+) to create a new use. Briefly describe the Alt Use in the Summary Field. Enter instructions on how to create it within the Description Field. Be as specific as possible to provide guidance and direction to viewers of your submission.

It offers multiple information sources to which a user may subscribe via email either daily or weekly.


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