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July 12, 2009 – Discover Related Websites

Ambiently is a web discovery engine. While a search engine answers your query with a list of web links, a discovery engine provides you with relevant web links directly from any web page you are on. These web links will lead you to web pages related to the page you are viewing, help you find more new information, and even surprise you with unexpected useful web resources.

Ambiently is a start up company, developing web discovery engine applications. Envisioning the broad usage and benefits of creating a page-centric “ambient web” for every page on the web. It aims to create a new, richer web browsing and search experience for all web users.

Most obviously, Ambiently is simpler than a search engine. On a search engine, you need to think of a good query and type it into a search box. Using this, all these steps are unnecessary. With it, all you need to do is to click a button. That action leads to a list of web links related to the current web page. In other words, every web page now is a automated “search engine.”

One of the biggest problems with today’s search is that we often know roughly what we want, but cannot easily get the right query. Sometimes, our need is broader than a simple query can describe. With this service, there is no such need. You get relevant web information by one click.

Using a search engine, you get web links related to your query. However, you get web links related to the web pages you are reading, viewing, or enjoying. As the noted author Peter Morville said, the future of search will be “a future where search and browsing work together.” Ambiently is doing just that.

From any web page you are viewing, one click on a toggle button takes you to an “ambient page.” That ambient page displays a list of relevant web page links. Usually these links are related to the current web page. You scan this page and check out listed web pages, just like using a search results page. No matter if you are happy or not with the current web page, you can go to its ambient page to see more related web page links. It is an easy way to find interesting information.

When you are on the ambient page, one click on the toggle button switches you back to the current web page.


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