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December 6, 2011

An Online CSS Editor To Edit and Preview CSS

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Many of you might be running your own blog or website, there are some time when you need to make the changes in your web site or blog so that it can meet the new format of web. You cant keep same format over the long time.

But while making changes on your website you cant take risk of making while running website, because if anything went wrong then it might spoil your whole website, so it’s a best option that you make any kind of changes not directly to website, but test it before making it live.

WebPutty is an nice online CSS editor which can help you to make changes on your websites CSS, you can not only make changes in your website’s CSS but can also see how those changes will look like as it provide live preview, means as you make modification changes will be shown immediately.

Here it will be noted that changes are shown inside the WebPutty interface not on your real website. After creating your account either you can upload CSS or can import it directly through your website.

To import you need to copy an code provided by WebPutty between your <head> and </head> tag of your header, once code is added your CSS will be imported and you will see it in right side pane and your website will be shown on the left side pane.


Now you can start making changes to it, each and every change made by you in right side pane will take effect in left side pane and you can know how your website will look like with current change.

If you put your cursor on CSS editor then on the left pane all matching elements will be highlighted and you can easily recognize and can make changes to it.

There are two drop down option at the top of preview pane or the pane showing your website, Preview which will show the current changes which are being made by you and another on is Published which shows how your website looks to other who are currently viewing it.

WebPutty supports SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) and SCSS (Sassy CSS).

Once you are happy with the design you can publish it by just clicking on Publish button on top right corner.

You can take a look at the video below to know more :-


Visit Website :- WebPutty

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