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August 24, 2009 – Share Apps On The Apple Store With Short Easy URLs

Filed under: VOIP Services — Tags: , — Gagan @ 5:48 pm is run by a small team of people passionate about iPhone applications. The basic goal is to free your iPhone apps from the bondage and obscurity of iTunes. Admins were frustrated by how difficult it was to find new apps using iTunes and hence thought, "Let’s put the power of discovering and sharing these apps back in the hands of the people!". Thus basically, shortens iPhone App URL’s so you can share them across the web.

The basic manifesto of this service i.e. the three inalienable rights of an iPhone application are Freedom, Discovery, and The Pursuit of Promotion.

1. iPhone apps deserve to be Free, to roam the web and be discovered beyond the confines of iTunes.
2. All iPhone apps may not be created equal, but they all deserve an equal chance to be Discovered and shared.
3. The pursuit of Promotion: iPhone apps are happy when people know about them, and no one should stand in the way of an these apps pursuit of happiness.

Why use URLs? The answer can be described in a series of points showing its importance like:

1. They contain the name of your app, making people more likely to click.
2. They take people straight to iTunes, increasing the chance people will buy your app.
3. They are short! So they are easy to share on twitter or where ever.

This service has a very easy user interface. You just need the URL of the iTunes.

1. Get your App’s iTunes URL, then shorten it.
2. Share your new link in a twitter, email, or where ever you like.

This service is really a advancement in the way people use the iTunes and its various applications. This service really helps people and also its developers whose inventions can be easily used by the people all around the world.


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