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July 15, 2011

Automatically Email All Your Facebook Photos To Your Mom

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Many time our parents compliant that Social networking site are not good for us as we are spending lots of time on it, even many times they say that its not right for privacy.

Our parents are not comfortable on Facebook as they might not know how to use it or how to do things on it so they might not monitor your activity on it.

FeedMom is a free service which which emails your Facebook photos which you had uploaded or were tagged by your friends to your moms email address.


The simple concept behind this service is that everybody don’t know how to use but most know how to use email, so whenever you upload a photo or your friends tagged you in a pic, an email will be sent to your MOM or the one you had registered.

Once the recipient get email alert it will also get step by step procedure to view the photo and to print the photo.

To use FeedMom all you have to do is visit site and then click on that big Get Started button, it will ask you to get your account details just allow it and then it will ask email address where you wanna deliver all alerts.

FeedMom also allows you to choose the time after which alerts will be sent, it will help you if your friends tag you in a improper photo then you can look it and remove your tag.

You can add upto 10 email address where alerts will be sent, First email address is free then second one cost $1.99 and so on, you will get one free email address (upto 3) if you invite your friends to FeedMom.

Visit site :- FeedMom

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