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July 26, 2011

Automatically Sync Your Music Collection Across Your Smartphone, PC/Mac, Or Other Connected Devices

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Music has got it own importance in a humans life, music can be used for entertainment and at the same time, Music can be a healer for broken hearts and depressed. Even when you see an ad on the television the first thing you notice is the jingle and the tune. If a tune is really impressing then you get interested in the product. So my basic reason to give you all these details and examples is to show you how important music is, in our lives and souls.

So, like all of us know how easy it is today to get  song you want on the internet and how easy it is to share the music you like with your friends and relatives. It was not so in the olden days when music came out on cassettes and records. It was really irritating when you had to buy a whole album just for a single song that you liked.  Nowadays all you have to do is search for a single song on iTunes or a similar website and download the song legally by paying for it.

Just because of the ease that internet has provided us in terms of downloading music, many of us who didn’t even listen to music before have started listening to different types of music. So with all the different types of music players available for different types of platforms we have had the option of saving a playlist so that we could listen to the music that we like and not the ones that we don’t. Having music as mp3 files have also led to the concept of portable music players that can carry huge amounts of music into them and in spite of being small in size they are full of features.

Now with this new web service you can sync all your devices to a single playlist and then play you favorite songs on any portable device or computer. This website is called and it enables you to sync your music library to different devices using cloud technology.

It is really simple to use and the user interface is not complex at all. This service offers you a number of other features as well which would help you in improving your music experience and that includes a free storage of 5GB or approximately 4000 songs. That means this service can deliver to almost any music enthusiast.

The best part is that this service offers you free lyrics to all the songs that you listen through this service. So next time you would be able to sing the song along or just see to it that you understood the exact words the singer was trying to convey. Also, mspot is specialized in music files so you will be promised a better experience than other cloud sharing services.

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