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July 16, 2009 – Chat In Multiple Languages

Chatting has been a great form of communication of late among the people. People log in and connect with each other using various chat devices. Chatting is basically virtual form of communication i.e. people seems to be chatting like they would chat normally face to face but still they are far apart. But online chatting has the limitation of conversing in 1 or 2, usually English, languages only.

All people do not understand English or say every language. Majority of people usually understand their mother tongue only. To bridge communication gap due to language, BabelWithMe provides you the facility to chat in many different (up to 45) languages. It is an online chat translation application that translates all the text, in the language selected by the receiver, as you enter in the chat box.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

  1. Enter your Name and Language and start the conversation
  2. Invite friends by sharing the special URL for chatting.


BabelWithMe is an online application that allows you to chat in multiple languages without any need to install special software for it. It is a real time chat translation application that instantly translates your text in the language in the language selected by the receiver. This application is absolutely free to use with no sign ups or additional software required.

The user can share the special URL, provided to them, with their friends through any source like email, facebook or twitter etc. The translations are powered by Google Translator making it a lightweight application to use. Using this tool you can remove the language barrier and talk to anyone who doesn’t understand your language.

Editor’s View

BabelWithMe is a web application that lets you instantly chat in different languages with anybody. It supports up to 45 languages and hence bridges the language barrier among the people. Also the use of Google Translator in translation of the text makes this application easy to use and lightweight. It’s a very good tool to be used to chatting among friends or colleagues from different regions with different languages. It makes conversation very simple.


Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Visit

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