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June 14, 2009

BarcodeWriter: Free Online Barcode Generator

Online Barcode Generator lets you get your own printable barcodes online. These barcodes when ready can be printed out and read by the reader or other devices equipped with the reader software. It is absolutely free and is similar to the pervious Barcode Label Generator but this Barcode Writer offers more symbologies to choose from in order to make it more unique.

Barcode is the new form of performing security checks on various things like on entry cards in hotels etc, on library cards, on shopping items etc. It is a unique code which is read by a specially designed reader for authentication purposes. Each code uniquely identifies the item on which it is printed.

Steps of Procedure for this Site

  1. Select a symbology.
  2. Enter the various contents.
  3. After filling all the details then click on “Make Barcode” to generate a new barcode for you.
  4. Save the image in any format you want or take its print out for its use.


Online Barcode Generator is a free to use and simple barcode generator. It is very useful generator as it is online and can easily be accessed anytime anywhere and as many times as you want. One of the plus points of this is that it generates barcode in wide range of symbologies like EAN/UPC & add-ons, ISBN-13, ITF-14, RSS-14, Code 128, and Code 39 etc. Once generated you can easily save the barcode in different image format like JPEG, PNG, TIFF etc. Also you can take print out of the code for offline use and get it read by a device having the required software to read the barcode. Any number of barcodes can be generated. Also no sign up is required in this web portal for use.

Editor’s View

Online Barcode Generator is a great concept for online usage as it allows people to effectively use the barcodes for various purposes. It makes the usage of barcode more prominent among the people. Just the problem with it is that its user interface is not that attractive for its users. But neglecting this it’s functionality is very good. All in all it’s a great way to generate and use barcodes.


Our Rating: 3/5 | Visit

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