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May 19, 2011

Top 3 Online Alarm Clock Websites To Set Audio Video Alarms For Free

With this fast pace life, it has become a necessity to be on time as a slight delay can make us into trouble. For avoiding such situation people use alarm, as it intimates you according to the settings made by you. Usually people use Alarm Clocks, Cell Phones etc. to set there alarms. But now there are some great online service which let you set alarms online.

The next question comes to your mind is why do we need online alarm service. So the answer to this is, now people use computers throughout day and these online services gives them some innovative ways to set alarms. You can use these alarm services as reminder to some work, meeting, break and so on. Lets have a look on some best alarm services on the web.

Online Video Clock

Online Video Clock is an online alarm clock website which let you set audio video alarm directly from the website. No registrations, no downloads and absolutely free. With Online Video Clock, you can set up a video alarm in few easy steps: First set the alarm time then select a video or choose one with the YouTube browser and finally set the Alarm. This is it! Now as when the time set by you comes due the video selected by you will start rolling. You can also select one of the five available themes for the looks of your alarm clock.

Features :

  • Snooze Button, this will let you snooze your alarm as per the time settings given by you.
  • Online Video Click Notes: It let you create multiple alarms in the form of notes.
  • Online Video Clock Timer : It sets a countdown for your alarm.



Alarm Tube

Alarm tube is a simple alarm clock website that wakes you up with a YouTube video. You can select a video from the features videos or search for one and pass the URL. You can also set the alarm using natural language, for example, In 2 Hours.



Meta Clock

Metaclock is not only a great online alarm clock website; it also sets you up for the reading session after you wake up. Set up your alarm time and select the tune. If you want to visit any site after you wake up, you can list it down. Metaclock opens the URL for you when the alarm goes off. (Pop-ups need to be enabled for this.) You can add notes along with your alarm. Click on ‘Set Alarm’ and your work is done! As and when your alarm start ringing it will show the goodies like Today’s news, Offers, Horoscope and more as per your settings.


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