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April 6, 2012

Best Free Email Shortening Service To Share Email ID Online Safely

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I know there are plenty of service which allows you to shorten any long URL like Googl,Gl, Bit.Ly, TinyUrl.Ms, IS.Gd and so on, these services allows you to shorten any long URL very easily and then share it on any social networking sites like Facebook Or Twitter an so on.

But have you ever think of an Email address shorten service? Well first of all you ask why we need this service, well as nowadays getting a short and good email address is not easy as lots of users had already taken so you might get an long email address and another reason is that you wont wanna share/ reveal your original email address to others due to security.

So here is an email address shorten service, Bouncr, its an free service which allows you to shorten any of your email address and then you can share it with any of your friend or with any unwanted person whom you don’t wanna disclose your email address.

To use this service you don’t need to sign up or make any kind of account anywhere, just visit the site and provide your existing email address, it may be noted that you must own a valid email address already, this is just an email shorten service it wont provide you email address.


Once you visit site and provide an email address it will instantly provide you an email address, if you don’t like that address then you can customize it too, just click on customize button and then type the address you want to get, if it is available then you will get it.

It also sends you an email address to your email inbox to remind you what is your shorten email address. Once you had your email address you can instantly share it on your Facebook or Twitter timeline with your friends or even you can copy it on your clipboard.

You can shorten any number of email address with this service, if in future you want to disable it or delete your shorten email address then just click on Manage This address on the email notification you get earlier.

Visit Site :- Bouncr

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