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September 20, 2010

Best Twitter Client For Multiple Twitter Accounts

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Having multiple accounts on the most popular micro blogging site Twitter is common, but managing all those accounts is still a problem for many. There are many Twitter Clients getting launched almost every day on the web to keep the fun going when you tweet or follow a long list of people in Tweety World!!

Multwiple is a new web-based Twitter Client with a difference. It allows the Twitter users to use and manage all their accounts in one place in the most hassle free way. What more, you don’t even have to switch from one account to the other the way you are forced to do in other similar clients.

The application has come a long way from just being a multiple Twitter accounts manager. Here is a list of the services available to the users for a better and closer interface with Twitter:

  • Drag and Drop Boxes are provided on the dashboard for Home, Direct Messages, and Mentions.
  • Search Box for Full Search Capability, helping you to track down tweeted keywords in a very easy way.
  • Provides bird’s eye view of the useful trends and statistics for the marketing honchos.
  • Clear Categorization of Tweets and ReTweets by fields.
  • Secure OAuth-based Login.
  • URL Shortener which can be easily added to Tweets.

As a new user you just click on the "Sign-In with Twitter" button. This will redirect you to Twitter where, on entering credentials you would be again directed This time you will be able to see your tweet updates, direct messages and mentions and a lot more!! For more details, click the “Features” tab on the website’s homepage.

In a nutshell, this Twitter Client is a piece of cake for all the people for whom “multiple” is a way of life!


Our Rating 4.5/5 |


“Multwiple is one of the best and easy to use web-based twitter client. The first ever public release was launched on 30th Jan, 2010. Started as a simple service to manage multiple twitter accounts, Mutlwiple has ever since become more feature rich and has been acquiring more user base.”

How is useful?

This web-based application with zero installations or downloads is a great time and effort savior for people juggling between multiple accounts and all the marketing moguls using Twitter for spreading the word.

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