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May 16, 2011

Creates A Personalized Travel Plan To Make The Most Of Your Trip

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If travelling is your passion and if you are already waiting with bated breath for your next holiday, then what we have in store for you today will definitely lift your spirit. You can happily put aside all those travel guides and hours of online surfing which you would have done before embarking on your journey. Plnnr is a website which can be entrusted with a perfect itinerary and fun-filled vacation and best of all, in just the way you like it.

Plnnr is a virtual travel planner which generates your itinerary which is best suited for your interests and likings. All you need to do is chose the destination city, key in your travel dates, duration and select a theme which best describes your mood and needs. The website even wants you to select the intensity of travel. For instance, it would want to know if you are looking forward to a light, fun-filled, and romantic or an adventurous holiday. Based on these key parameters, it will prepare a customized tour plan for you.

The website currently prepares itinerary for 18 cities across the globe including London, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin, Washington DC and San Francisco. The planning is done based on their database and personal experiences. You can be very specific about your requirements like if you would have kids travelling with you or if you want more of outdoor activities. The planning is done in a meticulous way, by allowing the user to have a visual idea of the geography of the chosen city. A map would be displayed and you would be given options which are geographically closer and feasible to be covered within the time span specified by you.

The key highlights of this wonderful web planner are:

  1. Creates a personalized travel plan which is just tailor-made matching all your whims and fancies.
  2. Helps you save money by comparing hotel prices and planning the itinerary based on the hotel choice.
  3. Saves your productive time which would otherwise be invested in religiously planning a trip.

Best of all, the travel itineraries are prepared by the site owners who are travel enthusiasts and in clichéd words, “Been there, done that”!! So, all the advices would come straight from horses’ mouth.

Bon Voyage!!!


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